NBA YoungBoy Says He Will Out Rap Jay-Z In Beef With NoCap

NBA YoungBoy raised eyebrows when he said he can outrap Jay-Z in his ongoing beef with NoCap.

Young boy is beefing with his former artist NoCap, whom he accuses of being ungrateful and disrespecting him to others despite owing him money. On Friday, the two artists traded shots at each other after YoungBoy wrote a subliminal diss at NoCap. In an Instagram Story, YoungBoy says that NoCap has been lowkey dissing him and hinted that they will no longer work together because of that.

Despite all your slick a$$ behavior, you’re not a real rapper. We don’t do music because I don’t play,” NBA YoungBoy wrote. “Stop talking about me to people. You are my daddy artist, you are my af worker, you are not my brother; I pay you.”

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YoungBoy’s comments sparked speculation, but NoCap reacted with a direct message clarifying their relationship and why they are no longer friendly. As the former Never Broke Again artist put it, YoungBoy was threatened by his success, so he did not get YoungBoy’s support.

“I see it’s my turn this week, huh? i neva did u nun bad I screamed free you before and after every venue/club I carried dis sh*t when u was gone,” he said.

It seems that NoCap has also referenced Kodak Black in his response as the person who made disparaging comments about NBA YoungBoy, noting that he remained loyal.

In his reply to the message, accompanied by a video of himself performing in front of a crowd, he began, “I stop f**kin with n****s as who would have done whateva to see me win to stay loyal to you hatin’ a$$.”

In addition to calling out YoungBoy’s claims that he supported him, NoCap even says the Atlantic artist wants him to pay for a feature despite the fact that he just signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Motown.

I took the blame for the reason we don’t do music, which was to keep your hater card clean, but nah, we really don’t do music because he probably thought I’d greater on some baby sh-,” NoCap said.

YoungBoy later responded to NoCap with several messages, including one which boasted about his ability to out-rap the G.O.A.T Jay-Z.

“Jay-Z can’t out-rap me, boy this ain’t bout no music you juswantary b*tch I wanted revenge on the labels n***ga im holding over here you ain’t even got 300k for yo tax bill clown just protect yourself p**sy,” he wrote on Instagram stories.