Nipsey Hussle’s Life and Aura

Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside his own clothing store in South LA. Eric R. Holder was found guilty of first-degree murder by a Los Angeles jury. He shot Hussle in the back of the head and then fled the scene.

Nipsey, who was 33 years old when he died, was a Grammy-nominated rapper.

As well as an entrepreneur, community activist, and father of two.

Within the music industry, he was an established presence who had collaborated with artists as big as Drake and Diddy.

He also had a violent past and had spoken publicly about it. His affiliation to the Rollin’ ’60s and he was ‘gang banging.’

The Los Angeles Police Department’s ongoing investigation revealed that Hussle had a suspected killer.

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“Nipsey was an indisputable force in the West Coast rap scene, even though he wasn’t a household name.”

Born Ermias Davidson Asghedom in 1985, the son of an Eritrean immigrant and an African-American mother.

Nipsey Hussle, who grew up in Crenshaw, Los Angeles always spoke avidly about his Eritrean heritage whenever the topic popped up.

Hussle decided to visit Eritrea with his father and brother making it his first visit to the Horn of Africa nation in 14 years.

His mixtape Crenshaw -an epic to the predominantly black, tight-knit Crenshaw District in the southern LA area; while selling 1,000 physical copies for $100 each.

Jay Z purchased 100 copies, helping fuel the response to the Crenshaw stunt that raised Hussle’s profile.

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N/B: There is no valid excuse or justification for killing another human, especially when it is done with malice aforethought. According to the jurisdiction, murder differs from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter.