O-Block Gang Members Convicted of Killing Rapper FBG Duck On Gold Coast

O-Block, short for “O’Block,” has emerged as a well-known and contentious neighbourhood on Chicago’s South Side. This region received a considerable reputation for its artistic significance and its links to criminality, particularly gang-related activities.

Origin Of The Name O-Block

Originally named after the Chicago housing project Robert Taylor Homes, O-Block sits in the Bronzeville neighbourhood, an area known for its historical significance within the African American community. However, over the years, it has become synonymous with the drill music scene and its ties to street gangs, attracting both local and national attention.

About The Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood gained infamy in the aftermath of the tragic killing of popular Chicago rapper FBG Duck in August 2020. The incident unfolded on the Gold Coast, marking a stark contrast between the opulence of the area and the ongoing challenges faced by communities. The gang-related violence in Chicago, often rooted in long-standing rivalries and territorial disputes, has been a persistent issue.

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The Black Disciples gang has been linked with strong ties to the neighbourhood. Despite its notoriety, it is also home to resilient individuals striving to break free from the cycle of violence and poverty. Community organizations and activists work tirelessly to address systemic issues and provide resources for education, employment, and mentorship.

Six O-Block Members Have Been Convicted For FGB Duck’s Murder

A federal jury in Chicago has convicted six men from O-Block of murdering FBG Duck in the city’s Gold Coast shopping district.

The deliberation lasted two full days, bringing an end to a three-month trial. Duck, born Carlton Weekly, was killed in front of a store on August 4, 2020.

Federal investigators linked the murder to a gang feud between Duck’s Tookaville faction of the Gangster Disciples and the O Block group of the Black Disciples, which included diss songs between Duck and the late King Von. Investigators suspect Von placed a bounty on Duck.

Court documents revealed that O Block members planned shootings and a narcotics operation during regular meetings. Duck’s murder was intended to enhance their reputation.

Charles “C Murda” Liggins, an alleged gunman, was convicted on five of seven counts, while Kenneth “Kenny Mac” Roberson, a suspected getaway driver, was also found guilty on the same counts. Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, another suspected getaway driver, was convicted guilty on five charges. Another alleged shooter, Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, was convicted guilty of three counts: murder, using a gun in the murder, and conspiracy to commit murder. Ralph “Teezy” Turpin, who tipped off the shooter, was convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Marcus “Muwop” Smart, 24, another alleged gunman, was convicted guilty on five counts.

Another alleged gunman, Ezell Rawls, committed suicide during the investigation.

Two cars involved in the incident were followed to the location using surveillance cameras.