Philophobia; fear of love and other 17 common phobias

What is that one specific phobia you know you have? I will mention mine is aichmophobia-fear of needles or pointed objects before I’m injected with a needle. Well, we’ll look at some of the other common phobias people encounter.

I always have to take a moment to gain the required strength and courage to go through it. It’s also the same reason I cannot get myself a tattoo.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something unlikely not going to cause harm. When you have a phobia of a specific object or situation, you will definitely exhibit signs of anxiety.

This fear causes distress that can interfere with your everyday daily routines.

When you have a phobia of something, you avoid or endure it but with great fear and anxiety.

Here is a list of common phobias you are likely to have.

List of phobias

1.Noctiphobia-fear of the night

2.Agoraphobia -Fear of public spaces or crowds

3.Acrophobia -fear of heights

4.Claustrophobia- fear of confined spaces

5.Gamophobia -fear of marriage and commitment

6.Hemophobia-fear of blood

7.Wiccaphobia -fear of witchcraft and witches

8.Scolionophobia- fear of school

9.Aichmophobia- fear of needles and pointed objects

10.Aphenphosmphobia-fear of being touched

11.Ataxophobia-fear of disorder or untidiness

12.Autophobia- fear of being alone

13.Aerophobia -fear of flying

14.Glossophobia-fear of speaking in public

15.Astrapophobia-fear of lightning

16. Microphobia-fear of germs and small things

17.Pyrophobia-fear of fire


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Some phobias are intense, persistent, and entirely unrealistic. And some are disruptive and disrupt everyday life arrangements. When it reaches such a point, consult your doctor to enroll you in therapy and even administer medications.