Prepare To Pay More For DStv As Multichoice Plans To Up Packages’ Cost From September

A pay-TV firm Multichoice plans to raise its prices for its DStv business packages by 7.2% citing the rising inflation. The move will see homes, bars, restaurants, banks, and barbershops dig deeper into their pockets to enjoy DStv services.

The adjustments come days after Multichoice adjusted prices for retail customers due to increased operating costs.

The company stated on Tuesday that the rise in the cost applying to commercial customers on the DStv Business packages would become effective from September 1, 2022.

“MultiChoice Kenya revised the subscription prices for all its DStv packages in a notice sent to customers on August 1, and will also apply to the commercial DStv Business Work, Play, and Stay packages,” said Multichoice in a statement.

DStv package categories and costs

There exist three DStv package categories; the DStv Business Work package, the DStv Stay package, and the DStv Play.

The DStv Business Work package best suits government offices, banks, and schools. The DStv Stay package is tailored for hospitals, hotels, and multi-dwelling units. Finally, the DStv Play is designed for clubs, bars, restaurants, taverns, and shops.

Starting September, DStv Stay Essential subscribers will pay Sh1,920 per month, up from the current Sh1,800.

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Customers on the Work Essential will pay Sh1,500 monthly from Sh1,400, while those on the DStv Work Ultra tariff plan will pay Sh4,500 from Sh4,200 currently paid.

Finally, those on DStv Play Essential will pay Sh7,600 from the current Sh7,100, in the new rates, while those on the DStv Play Ultra tariff plan will pay Sh11,900 per month from the previous Sh11,100.

Customers on the DStv Business Asia add-on and DStv Business French add-on, which are lower bouquets, will pay an additional Sh25 monthly. They currently pay Sh350 and Sh350 respectively every month.

In July last year, Multichoice refurbished the DStv Business by introducing new value packages, packed with genre-specific content. As a result, traffic was boosted, raising revenues for the business establishments.

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Additionally, the firm announced a recent improvement to the experience for its customers with the addition of XtraView. This will allow users to have three DStv decoders with the same number of channels at the cost of a single monthly subscription.

“Despite the increase, DStv still promises to offer the most competitive pay-tv offering and great value even while making these adjustments,” said Multichoice.