R.Kelly Files Motions For Acquittal and A New Trial

R.Kelly, the disgraced singer, filed a pair of papers in federal court in Chicago on Tuesday, seeking a new trial or an outright reversal of his conviction on child pornography and other sex abuse-related counts two months ago.

R.Kelly facing his sentencing in court.PHOTO/CREDIT

The lawyers for the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer has filed two papers in federal court in Chicago requesting a fresh trial or the reversal of his earlier convictions for sexual assault and child pornography.

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R. Kelly court proceedings

A jury found R.Kelly, 55, guilty in September of child pornography charges related to his sexual abuse of his underage goddaughter, Jane, and other girls. However, he was cleared of rigging his 2008 trial in Cook County. Harry Leinenweber, U.S. District Judge, has scheduled sentencing on February 23.

Tuesday’s session was presided over by United States District Judge Harry Leinenweber, who received the motions from Kelly’s primary attorney, Jennifer Bonjean (November 15).

In Bonjean’s opinion, the prosecution failed to present any evidence that Robert Kelly was forcing adolescent females to have sex with him, and there was insufficient proof that the sex tape had ever crossed state lines, which is a thing that had to be proved at trial.

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Bonjean’s second motion sought a new trial, charging expert witness Dr. Darrel Turner of making misleading comments throughout the trial. Turner spoke on how sexual predators “groom” minors.

There is no doubt that if the jurors had known that Dr.Turner actively misled them, they would probably have rejected his testimony outright if they had been aware of it,” Bonjean said in his report. Later this month, prosecutors will respond to Bonjean’s motions.

R.Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison in June of this year by United States District Judge Ann Donnelly after being convicted on nine counts of various racketeering and sex trafficking charges during his trial in September 2021.

“You forced me to do things that crushed my spirit,” One alleged victim testified in court at the time. “I longed to die because you made me feel so low.” “Do you recall that?”

“He committed these offenses while utilizing his celebrity and prominence as a cover, preventing careful examination or censure of his behavior,” US prosecutors said. “And a sword, which provided him with cash and a network of facilitators to ease his crimes, as well as an enthusiastic fan audience from whom to select his victims.”

Kelly is currently facing four separate Cook County indictments in Chicago, with prosecutors alleging that “he sexually molested or raped four persons, three of whom were young girls at the time.”