Reebok CEO Says 50 Cent’s Business Skills Aided G-UNIT Sneakers in Beating Air Jordan

Reebok G-Unit sneakers are made of high-abrasion rubber. The soles of these shoes are made of mesh. The upper of the sneaker has double suede panels and double swooshes.

Todd Krinsky, CEO of Reebok, talks about recruiting 50 Cent in 2003, just after missing out on LeBron James, who signed with Nike.

Reebok made a significant statement by signing JAY-Z, and sales increased as a result, particularly of 50’s renowned G-Unit sneakers.

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Reebok’s Statement

According to Krinsky, that was a very intriguing time for the business because sneaker sales were at an all-time low because players hadn’t been playing on the court since the NBA had just ended its lockout a few years prior. Paul Fireman, the chairman of Reebok, and his staff thought that looking towards musicians may revitalize the business.

“We had this debate in his boardroom about music artists being more influential than ever before, and this was the Renaissance period of kind of the ’90s and 2000s Hip Hop,” Krinsky explained.

Hov was one of the first musicians who came to mind, and he eventually signed with the company with the help of Steve Stoute. The signing went well, with the S. Carter sneakers boosting the sneaker company sales, but they weren’t done yet.

50’s Signing With Reebok

According to Krinsky, 50 Cent signed with Reebok immediately after Jay’s deal and it was a huge success. According to the company CEO, both guys were very interested in business, but Hov was more meticulous and wanted to go against the grain, whereas 50 was a very different beast.

“50 was also completely immersed in the company,” Krinsky explained. “Like he arrived on time and prepared for every meeting, and his first question at every meeting was, ‘How many pairs do we sell this week?'” ’“

“We were selling like, you know, 40-50,000 per color at a time… he was always saying how many Jordans sold this week,” he continued. I swear to you, he asked that every week or every time we had a meeting.”

An adaptation of their Trainer models, which 50 admired, was one of the first projects with G-Unit Rebook. The company changed the product, replaced the sneaker with the GXT Trainer, and witnessed an even greater rise in sales.

G-Unit Sneakers Achievements

When I was in school, we sold about 75,000 pairs of one color, Krinsky recalled. “I’m not claiming, by the way, that G-Unit was ever in any way close to Jordan, but it was close to what. I’m claiming that during one specific timeframe, we sold in nearly as many pairs as the Jordan launch during that time.

He added: “I remember telling them, and he was like, ‘I told you so. You guys didn’t believe me. You thought it was crazy every time I came in here I would ask that.’”

Krinsky continued highlighting 50’s business acumen and explained this was the reason the G-Unit sneaker did so well. If there was anything wrong such as a decrease in sales, Krinsky said 50 would jump on the opportunity to bring the numbers back up, whether it be him visiting stores and more.

50 Cent’s Business Mind

Over the years, 50 Cent’s economic acumen has helped him land several significant partnerships, including his ground-breaking collaboration with Vitamin Water and his expansive TV empire with the STARZ network.

He has been actively promoting his Sire Spirits business more recently. The owner of G-Unit agreed to become the Indiana Pacers’ only beverage supplier in October at their arena, Bainbridge Fieldhouse. During the team’s season, the agreement will notably emphasize the rapper’s prestigious Branson Cognac and Le Chemin du Roi Champagne brands.

It comes after he negotiated a similar distribution contract with the Sacramento Kings in July and a similar multi-year cooperation deal with the Houston Rockets in March. All of the aforementioned agreements will see Sire Spirits become the NBA teams’ exclusive beverage partner. They will also contain several collaborations with Fif’s charity, the G-Unity Foundation.

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