Reggae Legend Bob Marley’s Children

Reggae Legend Bob Marley had 11 acknowledged children with seven different mothers.

He had three children with his wife Rita Marley, and he adopted her two children from previous relationships.

1. Sharon (Born Nov. 23, 1964)

Sharon (now Sharon Marley Prendergast) was Rita’s daughter from a previous marriage.

2. Cedella (Born Aug. 23, 1967)

Cedella Marley was the first-born daughter of Bob and Rita Marley.

3. David aka Ziggy (Born Oct. 17, 1968)

Born David Nesta in 1968.

Ziggy is Bob Marley’s eldest son who has won five Grammy Awards in his career.

4. Stephen (Born April 20, 1972)

Stephen is the second son of Bob and Rita Marley; an eight-time Grammy-winning musician and record producer.

5. Robert (Born May 16, 1972)

Robert was born to Bob Marley and Pat Williams.

6. Rohan (May 19, 1972)

He has five children with singer and actress Lauryn Hill.

7. Karen (Born 1973)

Born to Bob Marley and Janet Bowen, Karen has kept her life out of the public eye.

8. Stephanie (Aug. 17, 1974)

Stephanie is Rita’s daughter; her father is unknown.

9. Julian (Born June 4, 1975)

Julian has followed in Bob Marley’s footsteps; son of Lucy Pounder.

10. Ky-Mani (Born Feb. 26, 1976)

Born in 1976 to table tennis champion Anita Belnavis.

11. Damian (Born July 21, 1978)

Bob’s youngest son; Damian, is a reggae musician who has won three Grammy Awards.



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