Ruto cries foul as security and staff allowances cut.

The President is taking the right action at the wrong time. With such actions, he’s handing sympathy votes to Ruto.

The day Uhuru coined the term Tangatanga to describe Ruto’s idleness is the day he should have taken austerity measures against the office of the Deputy President.

The President never assigned duties to Ruto and regularized his resolve with Executive Order No. 1 of 2019.

Office of the Deputy President

This rendered the Office of the Deputy President redundant. It’s existence is courtesy of the Constitution but of no use to public service.

Allocating funds and other public resources to that office became robbery of tax payers’ money without violence.

That’s what Jaramogi refused to do in 1966 by resigning when Jomo did to him what Uhuru did to Ruto.

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Uhuru thought Ruto would do the Jaramogi.

Since Ruto lacks morals like Jaramogi, Uhuru should have instigated his removal but chose to be an accomplice in ripping off public coffers by funding an office he declared void.

Since then, the Office of the DP has never added value to public service. It’s done the opposite at tax payers’ expense.

Rutos grip

Instead, it solidified Ruto’s grip on the President’s perceived strongholds for self-interests. That’s why we held the view that the Dynamic Duo were playing Raila.

The presidency, thus, embraced and regularised corruption, which is the disease Ruto can only enhance if he succeeds his erstwhile friend.

He’s no moral compass to slay the dragon of corruption given that his entire wealth can be traced to the public purse. His only known pay slips are of political offices. That’s how the source of his wealth whether acquired legally or otherwise can be traced to tax payers’ money.