Signs of fake love in a relationship

Is the love in your relationship real, or fake?

It’s sad but it’s true that we are living in a world of fake relationships. This is best exhibited on social media. The need to show the hunky-dory image of a relationship is so strong that people tend to work on building the façade more than making an effort to make it genuinely caring and loving. One of the characteristics of a fake relationship is that it is always rife with signs she is pretending to love you or his love purely a pretense put on for the world.

If it is true, all you should do is keep growing the love, keep staying truthful to each other, keep drinking a lot of water, and just keep treating each other in all the good ways that will allow the relationship to thrive further.

To really know that the love in your relationship is fake, here are some things you may want to watch out for:


An authentic relationship sparks feelings of passion for each other. You’ll be curious, concerned, involved, etc in all that the other person does.

Someone who continuously acts indifferent isn’t engaged, likely detached, and unfit – not to mention unworthy – of a real relationship.

2.No talk of future prospects

One of the signs of fake love from a man is if he sees no future with you. When you are truly smitten by someone, you want their presence to perpetuate your life. Yet in fake relationships, the other person knows that this is going to end soon. Thus, they put no thought into it because you were never in their future visions at all.

He likes to flaunt his fake relationship status on SM but doesn’t talk about a future together ever. Similarly, if she clams up the moment you talk about even the near future, forget long-term plans, it’s among the classic signs she is pretending to love you.

3. Being ignored

One of the signs of fake love from a man is when he chooses to ignore you during times of crisis. And if a girl is faking her love for you, she will be completely unmoved by your troubles and woes. During your low days or difficult phases, a fake relationship will never give you the comfort you need.

There will be a complete lack of concern on the part of your significant other. You might be left feeling alone and at the disposal of your own strength during trying times.

4.They’re emotionally distant

In a relationship, fakers have a tendency to be non-communicative. They’ll provide little to no substance to what’s going on in their life. They’ll also make excuses why they “couldn’t” communicate especially when it is a little difficult to do so.

The difference between them and someone with a genuine love for you is the extra effort needed to reach out when it’s not so easy.

5.They try to change you and your habits

Both of you may have certain traits that you don’t love about each other. And in fake relationships, your partner will probably want to change the things that they don’t like about you. Basically, they ask you to sacrifice your own self so you can please them and their needs. They put themselves above you and your connection, and if you don’t follow their demands, you will be in deep trouble.

6.Do you really feel like you know them?

One of the important signs his love is not real is if you occasionally realize that you actually do not know enough about your partner at all. When they do not seriously feel for you, they will not open up to you. They might have interests and hobbies that you might be completely unaware of.

Moreover, they might have some quirks and interesting mannerisms that they may not reveal to you. Perhaps they enjoy old Japanese films or like to collect shells from beaches- yet these are things you might never be able to notice or enjoy about them.

7 . selective romance

How to tell if someone is pretending to love you? Pay attention to how much effort you see from their side in making the relationship stronger. When someone is leading you down the garden path and has only deception in mind they will make little or no efforts at romance. They might only be romantic with you when it serves their selfish desires and makes them feel loved. However, they will care very sparsely about what your romantic needs might be.