Skiza business; the best solution for your business makes your business efficient as it makes sure your customers hear your message before you pick up. And that makes them feel tenacious to stay on the line listen and buy your product. ringback tone, your message comes off as warm, friendly, upbeat, informative. has 1000 business owners who are making money by using Skiza business because it offers a communication advantage over their competition for only ksh 5000. has over 500+ successful business tunes recorded and still counting that will always suit your business and also friendly for your customers.

Skiza business has 3 main advantages on your business

  • The skizabusiness tune entertains your callers with an appropriate message
  • Avoid answering calls that can be otherwise be solved by customers themselves.
  • Market your products cheaper with a call. It only costs 5000 to set yourself apart
example of the tune