The basic rights of Kenyans should be granted as a right and not a favor

All citizens should access free medical services in public health facilities. We enjoyed these services during Mzee Kenyatta’s Government and during the early years of Moi’s rule.

Health insurance schemes are for the well to do. Presidential candidates promising NHIF for everyone missing the point.

A responsible Government insures her people by running effective health services in terms of competent personnel, well equipped and available medical drugs.

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Health insurance

If you promise to insure everyone by end of 2022, why not provide the services at the same tax payers’ expense by adequate staffing, equipping and medicines in public health facilities?

NHIF is a known conduit and bottomless pit for public funds to pockets of relatives and friends of those in power through appointment to serve in the scheme.

There’s need to re-introduce guaranteed minimum returns for grain and livestock farmers to attract youths into agriculture.

Self reliance

It’s the only possible route to self-reliance in major foodstuffs. The lesson from COVID-19 pandemic is that everyone at household, community.

And corporate levels must be self-reliant in basics of life. That’s everyone is vulnerable regardless of wealth status.

Floods, pest/disease outbreaks and drought have always cut off certain parts of the country from supplies as another lesson that calls for mitigation.