The best 6 gel nail polish in the market

Most of the time, as a gel polish professional, you want to give the best manicures to your customers. To achieve that, you have to look into the best gel nail polish brand that is long-lasting and has a good glow and shine . Mostly as per your clients’ request.

You already know Gel nail polish has revitalized the polish sector. To do these, you need a gel nail kit that gives you everything you need when you first buy it.

The gel market is now flooded with cheap gel polish to big brand names, so you have to choose the best options, and this is my list.

Elite 99 Nail Gel Polish

The most affordable gel polish you can get on the market and with various colors to choose from. Imagine 337 colors right now.

It has a variety of standard colors you want and deeply pigmented creams like glitter polishes, magnetic polishes, color-changing polishes that can shift with temperature, and decent shimmer polishes.

This allows you to trend if you are a lover of funky colors. It can last you for a good two weeks, and it’s a good one you can apply it at home; you do not need to go to a salon to use it.

It requires a UV Led light lamp.

Laguna Moon 6-Polish sets

This is a gel recommended for beginners because it is pretty easy to work with it as one doesn’t need to make a lot of coats so that it sticks.

This is because fewer coats mean doing your manicures at high speed. It comes in a range of six polish sets; thus, you can save money when you buy it all together and get an increased range of variety.

It also comes in a wide range of finishes; this is with glitter, magnetic cat-eye, and changes with the switching temperature.

It’s also thick; thus the issue of it sticking to your cuticles is well avoided. Requires a UV Led light lamp to dry.

Gelish Soak-off

It was among the first and best gel polish when gel polish became popular. It boasts 151 colors of variety to choose from and has glitters and creams.

It lasts for three weeks and, while at that, still maintains its shine. Its colors are highly pigmented, and thus, you can apply for one coat and get your desired color choice.

You can buy mini standard bottles in case you want to try out different colors. And you can apply it with other gels without swapping it.

Gelish offers mini starter kits that hook you with colors, top, and base coats, which is suitable for those first beginners of gel nail polish.

Perfect Summer 6- Polish sets

This brand of gel nail polish only sells in a set, so you can get the experience of trying six different polishes but with the same color theme.

The wide range of colors is very impressive. This is because is super pigmented. The interesting sets include the starter series, Neutral Pastel series, and glitter set for gelly, neon, and glitter finishes.

And in the case of making an order, this is quickly shipped. The polish is a little thin; thus, you have to make three coats to get the desired perfect color, and with its light intensity, it’s easy to apply and quite affordable.

Beetles Gel Polish- 20 pieces set.

This is a good brand of gel polish; it comes in a set of 20 pieces, thus giving you a whole range of variety to choose from.

It’s very affordable and also it has other smaller packages if you can’t afford to buy the 20 pieces, you can buy smaller pieces.
Their set, whether 20 sets or smaller, has an excellent range of colors and finishes within their theme.

The 20 piece set includes a base coat, glossy top coat, and matte top, which gives a wide range of colors you can work with. Its con is that you cannot easily find a unique color.


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Rosalind Gel Polish

This Gel polish lasts for a whole good month and, while at that, retains its nice shine without peeling.

This gel polish caters well to people who do not like strong smells as this gel nail polish doesn’t have a smell at all.

The gel has 24 pieces of nail gel and a variety of designs, and this can be used on different occasions if it’s at a party, as it has different color combinations to suit your needs.

It also has healthy ingredients, and you are guaranteed no harm to your skin.