The best 8 online comedians in kenya in 2022

The comedy sector in Kenya is truly growing, and this is because comedians have taken time to lift their industry and support each other.

Comedians are investing time in shooting their comedy stints to produce high-quality videos and audios and are constant in production, with no delays.

Their content is also hilarious and creative to crack up their fans.

They have also embraced online platforms like social media platforms and youtube to give their fans access to their content.

Here is a list of Kenyan comedians with the funniest content online.

Terence creative

His real name is Lawrence Macharia. Terence is one of the best online comedians in Kenya.

Terence is a very creative comedian, and his name suggests that his unique skits on his social media platforms and youtube are something to go by.

His major stint is the wash wash business [papa fred]Kemikal and Ngamwaya were the talk of the town last year and landed him many endorsements.

Terence’s comedy is also very educational.

Crazy Kennar

As the name suggests, the guy has mad comedy. Kennar is the best comedian in Kenya right now, and it earned him an award as the comedian influencer o the year.

His comedy centers on campus life, the funny things that happen there, and any interesting event happening.
Kennar is trending today for his diss on happy couples on valentines day doing exciting things, and him being single, he decides to say that can’t be him; his phrase can never be me is trending.

You can check out his amazing content on youtube and his social media platforms.

Cartoon Comedian

She is a Kenyan comedian who rose to fame during the covid 19 pandemic due to her unique portrayal of humor.

Cartoon trended with her slang inaniaffect and unanisuffocate, which Kenyans embraced.

She has amazing content on her social media platforms and youtube.

Jacky Vike

She is arguably the best online comedian in Kenya right now, and she goes with the name Awinja Nyamwalo.

Her content on youtube and her social media platforms is very funny.

Nyamwalo does product adverts in the most comical manner; her adverts with Royco and Geisha sop are funny.

Erick Omondi

He has proclaimed himself as the king of comedy in Africa, and he lives to that name as he has amazing comedy on his social media and youtube, which have a higher viewing and likes.

Erick is always on trending; this is when he recreates music with his funny lyrics and funny videos.

He had a show-wife material which was pure comedy.


Mulamwa is a Kenyan comedian and a nurse by profession. The funny man’s real name is David Oyando.

Mulamwa entered the comedy scene and is still rising both as an online comedian and stage comedian.

Mulamwa’s rise to fame was due to his unique style, Luhya accent, and clothes that make him Mulamwa.

YY Comedian

He is rated Kenya’s top stand-up comedian.

YY comedian’s rise to fame began due to his funny stints at the comedy TV show Churchill show.

He is truly invested in his comedy, and you can find his content on his youtube page and social media platforms.


http://Raila Odinga: I’m nobody’s project. I’m my own man

Diana Daisy

She goes with the stage name Gau which is quite a funny name.

Diana Daisy is a great online comedian as she ensures that her social media platforms and youtube have exciting comedy for her fans.

Her videos have great wit and a high sense of humor, leaving one wanting more.


The above comedians have the best online comedy in Kenya. You can check them out you will have a good laugh.