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Dog Accessories for movement control

The Leash makes it easy to take your Dog or Cat in your car safely! Keep your dog off of your lap and from jumping out of the window! Adjustable leash fits any size dog AND any car! Only to be used with a harness!

The leash under

Unlike other pet car seats, we’ve designed ours so that they fit between the two front seats – right into the centre console/armrest. This ensures your four-legged friend is always close to you.

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Pet car seat

Dog accessories for walking exercise

Built for the road, track, trail, or sidewalk, the super-lightweight Stunt Runner™ keeps you and your dog in sync and your hands free.

Super light weight stunt runner

Dog accessories for warmth

Keep your fur baby warm and fashionable with the luxurious Dog Face Puffer Coat.

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Dog face puffer coat

Sleep is vital for your dogs health. Dogs sleep throughout the day but only spend around 10% of their rest in deep sleep. Better support their daily sleep schedule with a more comfortable and calming sleep environment. Which will contribute to better resting and a happier, healthier, calmer pet.

Cute bearpaw shaped pet bed

Pack and carry

Are you and your pet adventurous? Carry all your pets’ essential needs in a single bag pack.Make your orders today at discounted prices. Link on bio!

Dog bag