The case for rotation of seats of Governor, Senator and Woman Rep in Kakamega County’s Sub Counties

Since the advent of devolution, the elective seats of Governor, Senator and Woman Rep have been held by sons and daughters from Kakamega South and West/Central regions.

It appears like the three seats may again be occupied by people from the same sub-counties after the August 09, 2022 General Elections.

We should, deliberately, nip in the bud this scenario to develop in the county. It may create the sense of entitlement as it has happened at the presidency where two ethnic communities exchange the baton as a royalty.

Hand the gubernatorial seat to his Deputy

The Governor should hand the gubernatorial seat to his Deputy. Oparanya’s assumed better performance can be attributed to the loyal Deputy.

Governors who landed ambitious deputies parted ways midstream, leading to dysfunction of their administrations.

Oparanya’s Deputy is extremely loyal, hardworking and patient. These are qualities of a good leader.

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Political jokers

Ignorant voters are gullible to political jokers who eat their future for lunch. Prof. Kutima has the knowledge, experience and understanding of the working of Executive County institutions and systems.

He’s best placed to replace his two-term outgoing Oparanya. He hails from Kakamega North subcounty.

He should pick a running mate from Kakamega Central/West. The Senate seat has rotated between Kakamega South and West (Mumias).

Navakholo or Lurambi

Navakholo or Lurambi should produce the next Senator. I’m opposed to Khalwale (Kakamega South) exchanging the seat with Malala (Mumias).

The Woman Rep position should go to our daughter from Kakamega East. The batons can exchange in 2032.

That’s negotiated democracy with the objective of rotating the three county seats between sub-counties to respect the Constitution, which decrees that leadership must show the face of the county in terms of region and ethnic extraction.