The Challenges of the New King

There are challenges King Charles III might face in this post-colonial world re-assessing its relationship with the British monarchy.

Prince Charles was the first heir to the British throne to earn a bachelor’s degree, an active member of the Royal Navy, a skilled pilot, and a strong environmental advocate.

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“God Save the King”

Yesterday’s interment of Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle marks the beginning of a new era with Charles as monarch. He is the oldest British monarch to take the throne at 73. As he pointed out during his inaugural address, he had served the country for a long time.

The expressions of King Charles III, from nodding and winking during formal proceedings to his outburst over a faulty pen, fail to meet the Queen Elizabeth II maxim: Don’t complain, don’t explain.

A royal family establishment ripe for change will not be long before he starts acting on his instincts. Besides being able to choose royal appointments for his immediate family, the new king will inherit an immense fortune with too many homes for a slimmed-down list of working royals. While he pledged to step away from some of the causes with which he was most closely associated, his future speeches and appearances must also be considered.

Having warned about environmental damage for the past four decades, the climate emergency is likely to be one of the few political issues the king will choose to address. Despite the queen’s strict adherence to the Anglican Church, the King is keen to promote diversity in religion.

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