The Complete Guide To TikTok Shopping

TikTok has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Today, TikTok has become one of the most widely used social apps around the world. It has millions of users who create and share their content drawing hundreds of millions of followers along the way. The app has created a new category in the world of social media and mobile apps: social commerce.

Social commerce is no longer just about buying things online; it has become more strategic. As we learned in 2017, many consumers are more willing to buy products directly from brands they follow on Instagram. Unlike through ecommerce sites like Amazon or eBay. What makes this especially interesting for marketers is that Instagram accounts tend to be less receptive when it comes to advertising. Therfore, businesses interested in marketing on TikTok to adapt different approaches than they would follow on other platforms.

What is a TikTok shop?

TikTok Shop is a shopping service that can be directly accessed from the platform. TikTok enables merchants, brands, and artists to directly showcase and sell things on TikTok. Sellers and producers make product sales via in-feed videos, LIVEs, and the product display page.

Who is eligible to use TikTok Shopping?

If you fit into one of the following four categories, you can utilize TikTok shopping:

  • Sellers
  • Creators
  • Partners
  • Affiliates

If you are a Seller, you must reside in the United Kingdom, the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, or Indonesia. You must also be able to confirm it using a phone number from that location, your company’s certificate of formation, and identity.

Your account must be in good standing if you are a Creator. Furthermore:

  • You must have over 1,000 followers
  • Have had 50 or more video views in the previous 28 days
  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Have you posted a TikTok video in the last 28 days?

If you check all of the items, you may apply using the TikTok Shop Creator application

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How To Setup Your Own TikTok Shopping Experience

  • STEP 1: Download ‘TikTok Shopify‘ from the App Store or Shopify store.

  • STEP 2: Launch the app. A ‘Become a Seller’ pop-up will appear on the screen. You can sign up with your existing TikTok account or with your phone number and email address.

Step 3: The page will link you to another form where you may enter your personal and business information. Fill out the essential information and send the appropriate papers. These documents serve as verification of your seller’s trustworthiness and validity.

  • Step 4: The papers will be forwarded for additional verification and clearance. Typically, it takes 2-4 business days. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been approved. If your request is not approved, you can always check and resubmit it. Remember to link your bank account.

  • Step 5: Congratulate yourself!! You’ve finally completed your TikTok Shop and are ready to amaze the market.

Following your successful registration, here are some recommendations from the TikTok community to help you while you’re on the platform: platform:

Remember to pin your items and repeat if you want more customers to browse on your products, as this feature only lasts 30 seconds. Detailing is really crucial, therefore don’t forget to delve into the nuances of your items and explain why the consumers need that specific product. By inviting your viewers to click on the orange basket, you may direct them to your TikTok shop. Because the viewing time is limited, you must repeat yourself. Bring up special discounts, freebies, and intriguing deals to entice viewers. It all comes down to good product advertisement and a little comparison.

How to get started with TikTok shopping


Ultimately, we hope that the guide above has provided a comprehensive overview of how TikTok works and all you can do with it. As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort, TikTok can be a valuable tool for influencers, brands, and smaller shop owners alike. As noted in our guide, there are also plenty of other shopping apps available: and if you’re looking for more ways to monetize your account and beat the algorithm, check out our article on how the best influencers make money on TikTok and Instagram. However, whether you decide to stick with TikiToK or explore some of options out there, what’s most important is using apps like this one to their fullest potential. We’ll wrap things up by reminding readers that TikTok won’t get you anywhere without an original approach and a real following behind it: only creativity will help you succeed as an influencer today—and as we’ve discussed throughout this article series, tipping is a major factor in driving that creativity.

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