A Ruto-Raila (RURA) government a mixture of oil and water. Nothing would move!

“I am ready to join UDA to push for national unity, Ruto says. He also hinted at a possible union with ODM leader, Raila Odinga.

Whom he celebrates as one fighting a similar war in the opposition- emergency of tribal parties.

Saying if Raila agrees with his manifesto and his belief that poverty should be fought from the bottom to the top, they could work together (Daily Nation, March 25, 2021).

Nationalist credentials

The DP is misleading people about his nationalist credentials. He subscribes to the notion, ‘politics is first local’.

He ring-fenced the Kalenjin community in 2007. Raila ring-fenced the Luo community since his entry in national politics in 1997.

Ring-fencing communities and regions is where the two kingpins converge, then go separate ways.

2007 Presidential election

Ruto said his community didn’t vote for Raila in the 2007 presidential election. Theirs was a protest vote against the Kibaki Government.

He, often, complains Raila never visited him at the ICC trial, which confirms their, then, political marriage of convenience.

Reacting to the perceived mischief of the Handshake, the Uasin Gishu Women MP revealed that the Kalenjin community didn’t vote for Uhuru.

Moral authority

They voted for Ruto, confirming that the DP has ring-fenced the community. He, therefore, lacks the moral authority to lecture other leaders on nationalism, deriding their parties as local.

The ODM’s and DP’s attacks on the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) is a mischief intended to derail the NASA trio from ring-fencing their communities.

There’s nothing new like emerging tribal parties. All registered political parties are either brief cases looking for buyers or tribal outfits.

National outlook

Regional parties will deny ODM its national outlook. Remove the Mulembe nation and Coast Region, then ODM is a Luo community outfit.

With his estrangement from Jubilee Party, Ruto is party-less. The UDA will develop into a Kalenjin Party when he, finally, joins it.

It has, only, one MCA and, therefore, can’t fit the description of a national party, despite its association with Ruto.

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No permanent friends or enemies

Even if there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics (only permanent personal interests), we are taking the joke too far, just, because one feels entitled to succeed Uhuru.

Kenyans must be alarmed at the prospects of Ruto and Raila forming a political alliance to secure the top prize.

The Government is dysfunctional due to the DP’s fear that Raila joined it to replace him in the 2022 succession matrix.

Big four agenda

He, often, protests that BBI (read, Raila project) replaced the Big Four Agenda, triggering his premature succession campaigns.

It will be a joke for the ‘high priest of corruption’ to join hands with the ‘lord of poverty’ (as they baptized each other respectively) to govern a highly indebted country, whose borrowed money ends up in private pockets.

More worrying is that the ‘lord of poverty’ may come in a subordinate role to the ‘high priest of corruption’.

Terms and conditions for Raila

Ruto has already laid down terms and conditions for Raila to agree to be the former’s facilitator to State House.

The craving by the DP to succeed Uhuru and Raila’s hatred and contempt of the NASA trio are the motivation to mix oil and water.

As alluded to, the two only agree on fear of the NASA trio to ring-fence the regions Raila has taken for granted, as his strongholds.

Gospel of Nationalism

After ring-fencing their communities, they make in-roads in other regions, preaching the gospel of nationalism. The case of ‘preach water and drink wine’.

Raila loathes to see the NASA trio and coast leaders agitate for ring-fencing their regions through formation of regional parties.

They will lock him out from areas he has taken for granted as his political bastions. He uses and betrays regional leaders and dumps them to recruit new ones every election cycle.

Mukhisa Kituyi and Kivutha Kibwana

He is in the process of recruiting Mukhisa Kituyi and Kivutha Kibwana to replace the trio in their respective communities.

This is what Sifuna calls fresh men in the new alliance that will ‘shake the country’. It’s time Raila climbed down to support one of the NASA trio.

To carry the flag and join Uhuru in retirement as Statesmen. By denying the authorship of hustler versus dynasty mantra, the DP has conceded the hustler nation movement has hit a dead end.

Rumours of taps drying up

There’s exodus of his lieutenants from UDA, with rumors of taps drying up. The DP’s chances rest with his apology and reconciliation with the President to revive his march to State House as the heir apparent.

Otherwise, Ruto and Raila teaming up to secure the presidency is a joke taken too far, and taking Kenyans for fools.

A Ruto-Raila government would be a mixture of oil and water. Nothing would move, if lessons learnt from the 2008-2013 Grand Coalition Government are things to go by.

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