The DP is one of the tribal kingpins, who relies on ring-fencing regions for success. Voters can’t trust him to lead the hustlers.

Kavindus sinking of UDA, swell up Kalonzo tide Hustlers’ shouts of, “We have God and the people” is just that, hot air.

We may not know about God. But, all happenings confirm the hustler movement doesn’t have the people.

Hiding behind newness of the UDA outfit is a gimmick. It’s the sponsor’s (DP’s) name that matters.

The National Rainbow Coalition

The National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) was formed a few months to the 2002 elections. But trounced the independence party, KANU.

The Jubilee coalition was coupled a few months to the 2013 elections. But won against the established ODM and ODM-K. Combined as Coalition of Reforms and Democracy (CORD).

It demonstrates it will take a long time to eclipse tribal kingpin – ship politics in Kenya. Regardless of one’s resources endowment.

Tribal Kingpins

It won’t happen this 2022. The DP is one of the tribal kingpins, who relies on ring-fencing regions for success. Voters can’t trust him to lead the hustlers.

By-election results show that voters equate him to those who preach water, but drink wine. The DP should learn from President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

And abandon his dynasty-hustler narrative. It’s not too late. He coined hustler narrative to dare ‘dynasties’ to a political fight.

Double speak tendencies

He forgot he also fits the description of a dynasty. It would backfire when opponents take the stage and expose his double speak tendencies.

The President has responded by, essentially, calling upon tribal kingpins to unite against his Deputy’s challenge.

The Senator by-election in Machakos saw the tribal leaders unite and withdraw a formidable candidate from the contest.

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Resounding victory

The result was a resounding victory for the unity candidate against the UDA aspirant. It’s a glimpse of how it will play out for the DP.

In this year’s succession race in which the President is determined to influence the outcome. The DP either lacks advisors or doesn’t listen to advice.

The UDA should have withdrawn its candidate for reason that Muthama is UDA’s Chairman. He couldn’t run against himself (Kavindu Muthama).

The Muthamas

The Muthamas were joined together in marriage. Any person trying to put them asunder is against the good Book.

It challenges their claim of, “we are with God”. Maendeleo Chap Chap saw the light in the President’s call.

And withdrew the candidate who could have given Wiper a run for its money. The President is determined to see all party leaders close ranks ahead of the General Elections.

Fodder for tribal kingpins

Yet, his Deputy stands his way. Greenhorn MPs and former Senators will be fodder for tribal kingpins in 2022 succession race.

Most, if not all of them won’t be re-elected for going against the grain. For Ruto to succeed Uhuru, he should have toned down further exposure of his ambitions.

He is the constitutional heir to Uhuru. He knows it. That’s why he is reluctant to resign, despite demands for him to quit.

Reconciliation with the President

He should publicly apologize and seek for reconciliation with the President. The President is interested in the unity of the country.

It pains him to see his steps towards national unity being countered by his own Deputy through early campaigns to succeed him.

Many people, including yours truly, hadn’t known the Vice President of Tanzania until the demise of Magufuli (R.I.P).

Gods appointed time

It confirms that being Deputy is enough evidence of one’s ambitions to receive the baton at God’s appointed time.

It also dismisses the claim of UDA MPs that God is on their side. For the DP to start succession campaigns when his boss was starting his second and last term was very strange.

It has exposed the DP’s human frailties, manifested in previous by-election losses.