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The fight between Konde Boy and Rayvanny takes a new twist



The big issue

On Wednesday, Konde Boy said that his lawyer is preparing a cyber-crime case against people who took part is sharing his alleged nude video and photos online.

“ Video Zilizo tengenezwa na Kusambazwa Mtandaoni Zikiwa Zinaonyesha Sura Yangu Na Kuunganishwa Na Utupu Wa Mtu Mwingine Kisha Kuunganishwa Na Sauti Yangu Kwa Lengo La Kunichafua Kunidhalilisha Na Kuharibu BRAND YANGU ambayo Nimeitengeneza Kwa Mabilioni Ya Shiringi ..!!!! Itoshe tu Kusema (1) Sio Mimi …!!

Narudia Sio Mimi na Sina Maumbile Yale ..!! (2) Hiyo Video Ninayoongea Kwa Sauti Nikiwa Bafuni Nilikuwa naongea Na Mtu Niliekuwaga Nae Katika Mahusiano Ni Kwaida Mtu Kuzungumza na Mtu wako Wakati Wowote Mahala Popote Sitaki Kujua Alietengeneza Ni Nani Au Kaipataje ila Ninachosema ni Kwamba YEYOTE Alie Husika na Hili Swala Linalolenga Kunichafua Na Kuni zalilisha LAZIMAAAA NARUDIA LAZIMAAAA …!!!

Atafikishwa Mahakamani Ili kukomesha CHUKI & NA TAMAA zinadho Athiri watu wasio Kuwa na Hatia …!!! (3) Hiyo Unayoiona Hapo Ni orodha Fupi Ya Majina Ya Watu Ambao Penginepo Hutowaona Tena Hapa (INSTAGRAM) Watanilipa (FINE KUBWAA) ikiambatana Na Kifungo Juuuu Ili IWE MWIKO kama Sio Mfano MAANA SHERIA ITAFWATA MKONDO 🙏 JOPO LA WANASHERIA WANGU WAPO KAZINIII 🐘” said Harmonize.

They went ahead to release songs addressing the same, with Harmonize confessing his Mistakes in the relationship with Kajala, while Vanny Boy lectured him to own up to his mistakes and apologize.

The fight also brought in Harmonize’s signee Ibraah Tz who went harm on Rayvanny, castigating him for fighting a battle that is not his through a song dubbed #Hayakuhusu.

On the other hand, Rayvanny’s ally Baba Levo also dropped a new tune called #HarmoMavi, with a mission of helping Vanny Boy fight the Konde Gang Camp.

As the drama continues, Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala are holidaying in Dubai, as if nothing is happening in Tanzania.

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Kanye West reunites with Jay-Z on the new album, Donda



The Gold Digger singer, 44, hosted a launch party for his new album, titled Donda after his late mother, at the sold-out Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Young Guru, a record producer and engineer who has worked with Jay-Z, revealed the verse was a last-minute addition, perhaps explaining why the launch party started almost two hours late.

He tweeted: “HOV did the verse today!!!! At 4 pm.”

But fans certainly think it’s been worth the wait and as well as Jay-Z, the album features contributions from hip hop stars including Pusha T, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott.

Kanye returned to the city he was born in and stunned the crowd as he wore a red puffer jacket, matching trousers, and orange shoes all of his own design. He also donned what appeared to be a brown rubber mask.

There was no formal introduction when he eventually took to the stage area as his album began playing.

And in a move that stunned everyone, Jay-Z made an appearance on the last song of the night as the pair appear to have buried the hatchet after years of tension.

Kanye first promised the release of Donda a year ago, but the project were hugely delayed.

The event, which was live-streamed, saw Kanye occasionally break out into a dance in the huge arena while he paced around to the music.

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Ndovu Kuu back on Youtube



Singer Cristopher Thande, known as Krispah in the entertainment scene, has confirmed his hit track Ndovu Kuu is back on Youtube.

Bryanka had successfully managed to have the song temporarily deleted from the site after filing for a copyright complaint but it appears he has lost the battle.

The move to have the song temporarily removed elicited varied reactions, with another singer namely Khaligraph Jones, who features in it, attributing the decision to ‘jealousy’.

“It is unfortunate that we get to this level of jealousy from fellow artists. The copyright strikes are not legitimate; even Mejja was a victim of such circumstances, so it is something that is happening now in the industry,” Jones told Nairobi News in an earlier interview.

But Dexta has defended his actions stating that the song (Ndovu ni Kuu) was not only a copyright infringement to his music but also sheds a bad light on Kenyatta University’s brand due to its scathing lyrics. It is a shame that upcoming artists are now using copyright claims to get to the top rather than put in hard work,” papa Jones told Nairobi news.

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Pop Smoke’s tragic murder as a rapper is remembered on his 22nd birthday



Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Barakah Jackson, would have celebrated his 22nd birthday today, but his life was cut tragically short when he was murdered in February 2020.

The authorities, who were called to the scene by a friend of someone in the house, were made aware of the rented address being shared online and said at the time it “was an angle” they were looking at when investigating the murder.

At the time of his passing, Pop Smoke was one of the most prominent US drill artists, a style of music popular in the UK and in Chicago which often responds to violence.

The rapper was becoming prominent shortly before his death. His second mixtape, Meet the Woo 2, was released on February 7 and debuted at number 7 in the Billboard 200.

Only two weeks later on February 19, the rapper passed away.

Following Pop Smoke’s death, hip-hop star Safaree Samuels spoke about how emerging rappers need to be careful with making lavish displays of wealth on social media.

“I know some ppl might not be used to having a lot of money but try your best and refrain from showing it on social media… Won’t front like I didn’t go thru that phase but I learned from it.”

Another rapper called Blueface, who grew up in the Mid-City neighborhood of Los Angeles, issued a similar warning about safety.

““People think Cali/LA is beautiful sunny palm trees,” he wrote.

The album was executive-produced by 50 Cent and remained on the chart for 28 weeks, and still sits in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 over half a year after the initial release.

Meanwhile, the drill legend’s family recently collaborated with the Brooklyn Borough President and the Entertainers For Education Alliance – I Will Graduate organization to present a public service announcement on gun violence.

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