The first Royal to die from Covid 19 and other celebrities

The coronavirus is a pandemic that has affected everyone. Since its onset across the world, there has been an increase in infection transmission and deaths.

In the beginning, most people had the stigma of getting tested. With improved awareness, more and more people are getting tested and following the given rules and regulations.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, and influencers like any other people are affected by this pandemic.

Since the onset, celebrities took to social media to share their disclosures and updates and encourage their fans to do the right thing.

Considering the numerous activities high profile people engage in, such as private events, meeting people, traveling, or going on shoots, there was an increase in celebrities Covid-19 cases resulting in death.

Here is a list of some prominent people who were affected by Coronavirus and died :

Maria Teresa

On March 26 2020 the Spanish Princess of Bourbon-Parma became the first royal to die from Coronavirus at age 86.

Her death was announced by her brother Prince Sixto Enrique. Maria Teresa is Spain’s King Felipe VI Cousin.

Carol Sutton

In her acting career, carol has featured in many notable films and tv shows like Queen sugar ‘, ‘Claw,’ Steel Magnolias, The Pelican Brief, and Treme.

She was 76 when she died from covid related complications on December 10,2020.

Bruce Williamson

He was former Temptations lead singer and died on September 6, 2020, due to coronavirus complications.

TMZ announced his death on the 7th. Bruce was 49 years when he died.

Manu Dibango

According to an announcement on his Facebook page, the Cameroonian Jazz legend died on March 24, 2020, of Coronavirus complications.

Dawn Wells

She is well known for her role as Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island.

She died from covid 19 related complications on December 30, 2020, and was 82 years old.

Christina Monet

According to The Guardian, Christina: A new wave singer died on March 31 2020 after being confirmed positive for Coronavirus.

She is best known for her songs, ”Things Fall apart’‘ and ”Disco Clone’‘.

Nick Cordero

Nick died on July 5 2020 in a Los Angeles hospital due to coronavirus complications.

Before his death, Nick lost one of his legs to amputation due to a clot.

The news of his death was announced by his wife, Amanda Kloots, a fitness trainer. Nick was a Tony -Nominated Broadway star.

Ahmad Ismail Hussein

In April 2020, Ahmad Ismail Hussein: The ”King of Oud”, an icon in Somali music, died of coronavirus complications.

He was among the founders of modern Somali music.

Chris Trousdale

Chris was 34 years old when he lost the battle to covid related complications on June 2 2020 .
He was an actor when he died; he had featured on the tv shows ‘ Days of our lives and ‘shake it up.’

He sprang to the limelight as a singer with the Dream Street.


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Meat Loaf

His real name Marvin Lee Aday died on January 20, 2022, at 74 years from covid 19 related complications.

Meat Loaf is remembered for creating amazing hits like’ I do anything for love and ‘Bat out of hell.’

He was also a brilliant actor and featured in movies ‘The Rocky Horrow Picture’ and ‘Fight Club.’

He was a man who used his voice and even criticized the mandates of the vaccine in Australia and masks; he added on it by saying, ‘If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.’


Covid 19 pandemic is the worst pandemic to befall our world. Scientists worked hard and came up with vaccines which are a lifesaver right now.

Coronavirus is still here with us wear masks, sanitize, and go for vaccines.