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The HelaSend App, The Easiest And Cheapest Way To Send Money Worldwide



Want to send money anywhere in East Africa? HelaSend has got you. HelaSend enables you to send money to your loved ones fast, and it’s also a safe way. The money sending service guarantees low fees. They have clearly defined exchange rates, so not having enough money to make transactions due to the influx of prices is avoided. For forex, HelaSend offers competitive forex rates, and you can only complete a transaction after viewing the provided rate.

HelaSend is the most preferred means of transferring money across Africa You can also use it for paying bills, shopping, and avoiding exchange house fees.

It has an amazing app that is safe for use and enables you to track your transactions, and you will be able to tell the exact status of your transfer.

The HelaSend app is very convenient as it’s available on your phone and can be used anywhere. You can also send and request money in various ways. You can also send money using your bank card; your mpesa account their an impressive cash pick-up feature, cash deposit, and airtime top-up. If you want to send money to your loved ones in Kenya, Uganda, or Tanzania, you can send HelaSend their details on the app, and we’ll send them on to you via email or SMS.

Helasend promises support for their clients as they have an excellent customer support team at your service 24/7. You can reach them on the phone, their social media handles, and email.

HelaSend motto is to ensure that your money is delivered safely and quickly to your loved ones. HelaSend is also a genuine venture as its fully licensed by the FCA and other licensed government finance authorities in major markets across Africa and UAE.


Are you a job seeker?try these top websites



Unemployment can be described as the biggest disaster our country Kenya is experiencing as of now. Many young people are finding it hard to transition from school to the job market. It’s not easy to find job opportunities as a youth.

As they are not the only jobseekers to get work. Companies and employers have been finding it difficult to get job seekers with extraordinary potential because they receive endless CVs.

The internet is the best thing that ever happened to the jobs sector as job websites allow job seekers to find their desired jobs. Gain new knowledge from job courses the websites offer and career advice.

It saves employers from going through a million CVs to find an employee with potential and skill.

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Here is a list of job websites in Kenya that one can use to find jobs that suit their skills and passion at no added cost.

Stars classifieds

 A product of the star newspaper. This job website allows one to look for work in Kenya and those who want to dare abroad.

The site requires that you sign In to access the jobs, but you can look for jobs without really signing in  .this website offers a great variety of jobs from sales marketing and many others

Campus biz

This is a website flocked with students and recently graduated comrades. They look for internships, attachments, and entry levels jobs as a start to grow their desired careers.

All you have to do is sign up and create an account with them. The good news is that they have a lot of categories one can choose from n regards to the one that will propel you to achieve your career goals, and it is free.

Brighter Monday

It’s among the leading East African job website and thus equals the highest number of job seekers and employers in its database .

Its origin of foundation is in Kenya and was founded by Ringier One Africa Media . You get the most out of this website when you sign up or create an account . Here job seekers benefit from CV training career planning, personality assessments, and even courses.

They get you equipped with skills that will get you a job depending on the industry, location in relation to country and city, and job activities . Ardent job seekers should subscribe to daily alerts of vacancies in their emails.


When you want to search for work on this website, you should create an account or sign up using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. Once logged in, job seekers are given a platform to learn and develop themselves.

FUZU offers free courses and insights on your career path from planning to growing it. This website has a wide variety of categories: job category, location, work experience, and many more.

It has partnerships with Accenture, thus offering a wide variety of courses to build you a job seeker with skills.


 This is a website that prides itself on the association of the government. The government of Kenya it through the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology to empower the Kenyan youths to be able to access digital jobs.

This website does this by giving them free online training to help job seekers find their interest in online work.

Ajira can be termed the one-stop shop for amazing online job opportunities like local work in Kenya writing, engineering, architecture, software development, web, graphics creative work, and many more.

Jobs In Kenya

Known to be the best site for jobs for the Kenyan people, it is from varied departments from the engineering department, HR medical, social media, and just basically any department.

All you have to do is send the job advert if you are a job seeker or employee, and it will be advertised for free. Their email is jobsinkenya@gmail .com.

When choosing to go to these websites and get interviews to ensure that you are not duped as there are cons on the website waiting to prey on innocent desperate job seekers.

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Cheap loans are available as CBK retains a lending rate of 7%



Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has maintained its accommodative monetary policy stance from March last year amid a fall in price pressures, keeping its key lending rate at 7.0%.

In March 2020 the rate was cut by 25 basis points in order to mitigate the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The annual rate of inflation declined to 6.5% in October from 6.9% in September.

According to the bank Monetary Policy Committee statement, this was to lower fuel prices.

Due to depressed rainfall on some food items the food inflation remained elevated at 10.6% in October.

“The committee noted that the inflation expectations remained anchored within the target, and leading economic indicators showed continued robust performance,” the bank said.

The economy rebounded strongly in the second quarter, as the easing of Covid-19 restrictions boosted activity. 

The gross domestic product grew 10.1% on year in the quarter, following a 4.7% contraction in the first quarter.

The full reopening of the economy, boosted the leading economic indicators point to a continuing recovery in the second half of 2021.

The committee will meet again in January, but remains ready to re-convene earlier if necessary, the bank said.

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DP Ruto’s firm wins Sh190M Nairobi county gov’t tender



Africa Merchant Assurance Co. Ltd (Amaco)  has won a tender to become Nairobi County Government insurance provider for vehicles and motorcycles.

According to the reports, the tender is worth Sh190 million. The firm is also said to be associated with William Ruto .

In 2020 the tender was cancelled by the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board.

In 2021 the courts recently ruled that the PPARB overstepped its mandate.

Justice Pauline Nyamweya was convinced that Amaco proved to be the successful bidder after the end of a 14-day statutory period.

She noted the company had signed a contract on April 30, 2020, and had started rolling out the insurance covers.

The ex parte Applicant (Amaco) is therefore entitled to the orders sought of certiorari to quash the said decision,

in light of the applicable principles as regards the grant of this remedy,” the Judge ruled.

Start of the tender dispute

Britam General Insurance and Madison General Insurance filed a challenge to the tender.

They claimed that they were not informed that their bids were unsuccessful.

In follow of hearing of the case the board directed Nairobi City County to conduct a new assessment of tender bids, excluding Amaco.

Amaco then petitioned the High Court, claiming that there was no request before the board to annul the tender.

They also claimed that the board neglected to consider that the parties proceeded to perform the contract after signing it.

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