The most dangerous cats that should not be kept near children at home

Cats can be very nice animals to have around but there are a few of them though domestic, are still very dangerous if intimidated or if left alone with shall children.


This breed of cat is mostly found in Africa and Asia. It mostly roams around bushes and forests while others have been domesticated. This cat cannot fully stay at home and once in its hunting sprees, it can bring home unwelcome animals like snakes to the compound which it has caught as its kill and hence it is a dangerous cat to stay with.

Lynx cat

Lynx cats are huge breeds of cats which mostly live in the jungles and forests. Many individuals are domesticating them but studies have shown that only those kept from a very young age should be kept as pets. 


This is another breed of furless cat that originated from Europe. It can be a very dangerous cat when Threatened and can easily bite anyone around.


This cat is mostly loyal to one member of the family and it has been shown to be a very sensitive cat. It may take simple playful commands as being threatening and attack someone.

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