The perception of the Deputy President that he is the target of the fight against corruption may throw him under the bus

Where two people argue, only one is right. There is no chance for a water melon. There is a battle between the President and Deputy President (DP) over the fight against corruption.

The DP is heaping all his real or imagined political troubles on the former Prime Minister (PM) with 2022 succession in mind.

The President has maintained that the 2022 succession politics was not part of the Handshake. He has, even, reprimanded the 2022 succession crusaders.

The Jubilee leadership

At some point, the DP, publicly, stated that the Jubilee leadership invited the former PM to work together in unifying the country.

Remember his katikati phrase during their tour of the Nyanza region. The DP has, since, changed tune and insists that the Handshake was initiated to disrupt his presidential ambitions.

Only the President or the DP is right on this. Dr. Ruto vowed he would not allow Raila to wreck the ruling party under the guise of fighting corruption (The Standard, March 25, 2019).


He was quoted saying, “there is a lot of propaganda. You see all these campaigns (on corruption), it is all about Ruto”.

In my view, it is just perception unless the investigators cause it to be substantiated. Blaming the Handshake for the war of words on the fight against corruption may be diversionary propaganda to stall the process.

It is too bad to turn this war against corruption into the 2022 succession campaigns. In fear of the consequences, the DP attacks the former PM when he means the President.

The President and Kenyans

This disguised attack by proxy may be premised in the wrong belief that the President and Kenyans will buy this propaganda.

Fortunately, Kenyans have become wiser to know why corruption remains a difficult dragon to slay.

The President has not, publicly, retracted his promise to support the DP to succeed him. The DP or anyone else has not been named as suspects in the ongoing dam scandals’ investigations.

An Act of Insubordination

Calling the President names through proxy is an act of insubordination. The former PM does not sit in the Cabinet where collective responsibility should prevail.

All the agencies investigating thievery scandals do so for the Executive (President, DP and Cabinet Secretaries) to ensure accountability.

The DP need not think that the Handshake could only be unifying if the former PM shelved his political ambitions to become president.

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Building Bridges Initiative

It is not him. It is his constituents. In fact the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is meant to create a level playing field for future Elections, starting with 2022.

The Handshake protagonists have distanced themselves from succession politics. They may have, just, sacrificed their egos for peace to prevail in the country, if we believe their pronouncements.

The president has, publicly, stated that he has a deep understanding with the former PM to leave behind a united Kenya.

Different style of opposition

The latter has clarified that he remains the ODM leader with a different style of opposition through the BBI.

He has not joined Jubilee to be feared of wrecking the party from within. Even if he were to be in government, he should not be crucified.

He may be, just, a messenger. The Handshake brings the two on common ground defined by nine points of the BBI, one of which is the fight against corruption without fear or favor.

A noble objective

Why is the DP, publicly, alarmed of such a noble objective? Chinji ekhanga yevusia (whoever was carrying the stolen guinea bird revealed himself by being the first to deny).

Politization of the war on corruption does not help the President, especially the crusaders against it being led by his own Lieutenant.

Kenyans may speculate that the State is playing the same old games to protect the culprits from being named and prosecuted.

Matters corruption

The DP should re-think his attacks on the former PM on matters corruption. As the President’s closest political ally by virtue of his position.

He can advise the President to withdraw from the BBI if he is convinced that its intention is to 1) derail Jubilee projects 2) disrupt their 2022 succession plans 3) plunge the country into a more divided nation.

The President cannot, simultaneously, please the DP (glued on succession politics) and Former PM (focused on BBI).

The Presidents choices

He can choose to shelve the BBI, and, thus, throw the former PM under the bus. We do not know how he would respond to the consequences.

Alternatively, he can stop the succession politics in a language or action that will leave no room for misinterpretation.

This option may irk the DP who may, likely, stay put in the implementation of the Big Four Agenda alongside the BBI objectives.

Win win situation

This would be a win-win situation to carry both the DP and former PM, even in disagreement. Interrogation of public servants associated with projects is routine and should be commended instead of being politicized.

It affords them the opportunity to clear their names. The war on corruption must be won to prevent a catastrophe.

Otherwise, we may not have a country for Elections in 2022. Hence, the DP should drop the perception that the fight against corruption is targeting him to avoid being thrown under the bus.