The post of CAS, negates Ruto’s degree to save 300B

Presidents can be stubborn when held hostage by friends and relatives who campaigned for them. They are forced to create positions;

And act in ways that harm the public in order to satisfy the wants (not needs) of their cronies. It shows how our politics is designed to impoverish the tax payers.

While pampering the elites in society. The Law set out to cure the problem but political habits can’t let it go.

2010 Constitution

It expects us to support leaders or political parties based on their ideologies, policies and principles. Yet, we support them based on ‘What is in it for me’? Sorry state of affairs.

The post of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) is Assistant Minister incarnate. The rule found it redundant and rightly so.

Assistant Ministers were mere readers of ministerial speeches on behalf of Ministers. Fortunately, they were appointed from among MPs.

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Which only attracted remunerative allowances for being part of the Front Bench. The CAS plays the same role of former Assistant Minister. But is salaried and above the Principal Secretary.

Any post above the Principal Secretary is political and, therefore, unconstitutional as declared by courts. The CAS is a big burden to the tax payers. But adds no value to productivity in the public service.

S/he earns over Ksh. 765,000 plus perks and a litany of idle staff, vehicles and other benefits. It increases the cost of operations and maintenance for nothing at all.

Burden to the tax payer

It’s a cost that can be avoided without harm so as not to negate the President’s decree, to save Ksh.300B in the 2022/23 FY Budget.

By insisting on having CAS in his Government, like Uhuru, President Ruto is showing that he is not a respecter of the Constitution and the rule of law.

The same applies to the post of Prime Cabinet Secretary (PCS). It’s redundant and only meant as a reward to the holder as promised.

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Uhuru’s Executive Order

Uhuru’s Executive Order left Matiang’i with the substantive Interior docket while MDVD’s PCS has no portfolio.

Another indication of Ruto’s disrespect of the rule of law is his statement while presiding over a function in one of the Mukurus in Nairobi.

He called for a win-win situation in cases where people put up buildings on other people’s plots. He’s calling for deals between the parties to ensure that the buildings are preserved at all costs.

Moneyed people

He’s, essentially, encouraging trespass. Moneyed people will encroach on other people’s land, hoping to settle the matters out of court.

It amounts to the Haves buying out the Have-nots. It’s dangerous. It will increase the already rampant illegal land transactions.

We already have cases of more than one land title deed. For the same parcel of land in Kakamega County Land Registry.