The solution for unemployment lies in non-negotiable policy on protectionism of and subsidies for production sectors

Such as AGRICULTURE and MANUFACTURING. The post 2022 administration should not compromise on protectionism and subsidies.

It must play hard diplomacy to protect Agriculture and Manufacturing. That’s how the west developed.

The Ksh. 2 billion stolen per day is more than enough to sustain farm subsidies, which will spur production and generate jobs along Value Chains.

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Protecting local industries

Protecting local industries from external competition is a prerequisite for industrial development.

It creates jobs along the Value Chains such as Producers (sugarcane farmers) – Processors (sugar factories) – Distributors (wholesalers) – Retailers (supermarkets) – end users (consumers of sugar at the table).

That’s what patriotic leaders are meant to facilitate and oversee for sustainability.


What we have are tenderpreneurs who are accomplices in imports of subsidized products that compete with local ones produced at high cost.

It’s the sure way of killing local production and jobs with it. You can liberalize your services, but protect your products and innovations through tariffs and property rights.

Producers should lay down their tools and barricade borders to prevent imports of subsidized produce and products. It has worked effectively in developed countries.