Wack 100 regrets Big U beef, Big U says he doesn’t accept any apology

As the back and forths continue between, Wack 100 and J prince Big U has stepped forward to briefly address Wack mentioning him during a recent conversation.

Big U is a Los Angeles icon with deep ties from the entertainment industry to the streets, and there was a time when he and Wack 100 were close friends.

However, last year, U suggested that he wasn’t fond of how Wack was moving, and in recent months, it seemed as if the divide was widening.

“When I look at the whole layout, there’s probably only one person out of everything you been seeing going on that I wish it could’ve been different,” said Wack.

He began by saying that he heard about the interview that Wack had where he spoke about his regrets. 

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I don’t accept no apology from no n*gga that disrespect my name, disrespect my family, and call me out my name, my n*gga.”

“I ain’t cool with nothin’, I ain’t cool with that CJ Mac sh*t, I ain’t cool with that Dub C sh*t, I ain’t cool with none of that, my n*gga,” U continued. 

“That’s all I got to say on that. I ain’t f*ckin’ with no n*ggathat disrespect me , my n*gga

He then told viewers to share the message as needed before doubling down that he is not going to mend fences with someone who disrespected him in this capacity.

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