Thinking of getting yourself a German Shepherd pet?Consider these tips

These friendly, loyal, authentic, and cheeky dog breeds are ideal for any household. Their long bushy tail, shiny hairy coat, and pointed ears make them even lovely.

They have a unique way of learning new skills and retaining them.

However, the military and police units also prefer them; German shepherds make the best pet for any family.

When it comes to protecting their masters, these canines are the best. Their primary intent is to make their keepers happy and go to any length to keep their home safe.

Their fierce loyalty to their family is tremendous. Their friendly nature fits any family, including children.

Curiosity, intelligence, alertness, confidence, and watchfulness are some of the few traits these giant dogs possess.

They are friendlier than most dog breeds, and they require lots of attention. When you give them love, they love you unconditionally.


Their diet is all about a healthy German shepherd, and you need to feed them with a proper diet.

That does not mean you need to overfeed them. When they become overweight or obese, their growth is tremendously affected by increased disease chances and shortened life span.

I believe any dog keeper wants to spend lots of time with their pet.

The German shepherd’s best food should consist of large breed dog food that supports and strengthens their joints and bones and nourishes and keeps their coat shiny and healthy.

For those keepers who prefer cooking for their dogs, meat and bones can do calcium wonders.

For our friendlier and cute troy, cooked food and healthy yet balanced dog food is all the way. (Troy image below)

To keep German shepherds in shape.

German shepherd’s routine should include lots of activities. It is essential for keeping it in shape.

I’m sure you don’t wish to see your pet sluggish, lazy, and frequent trips to the veterinary. They mostly crave attention.

To ensure they are mental fulfillment, ensure you walk, run, play games, or talk to them for at least 30 minutes daily.

Fly ball and agility training top the list for their general physical health.

You can also try anything that keeps your canine engaged, like; hide & seek games, swimming, throw-catch activities, or ball games.

They are intelligent and know how to impress their keeper. They quickly make decisions and get solutions.

It is funny how they keenly observe situations and make conclusions. Why not give them challenges?
For puppies, less strenuous activities put in a recommendation for their growth.

Your canine grooming

These great guard dogs need a makeover once in a while. Their coat needs some brushing. When they shed their fur, brushing reduces too much shedding.

Washing them is essential, more so if they soil too much. However, veterinarians recommend washing them once a month.

For those who like playing and digging soil, 2-3 times a month is ideal.
Ensure you wash; you use a cleaning product that is effective and less sensitive for their coat.


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Teaching your dog new skills

Training a German shepherd is fun and easy. With their easy grasp technique, they learn new skills fast and retain them for a long.

However, you may need to engage them and re-teach the skills every time.

Being creative thinkers, they need something to keep them active and busy lest they learn and adapt to destructive behavior.

Veterinarians recommend consistent training to engage their minds. Games such as search-rescue, ‘catch this when you can,’ or ‘find this’ are some of the best.

You can teach them the strategic place or time for poop at a puppy stage for easier retaining. What makes them unique and loveable is their adherence to commands.

They know how to differentiate your moods and see what you need, from companionship to leaning on the shoulder. They are cheeky too.


A german shepherd is the best dog anyone can own. You will have a best friend and a pet all in one .