Top 5 celebrities who crippled their careers due to sexual abuse claims

Celebrity scandals give gossip sites a lot of content, which has existed for the longest time ever.

Many stars have been able to bounce back and thrive in their careers, but others have been unfortunate.

One rising from their fall depends on the allegations facing them. A sexual assault accusation has more damaging results.

Here is a list of celebrities at the helm of their career until a sexual abuse charge killed their career.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby ruined his good reputation in one quick swipe. He went from the most adored father figure in tv history to a long list of allegations of him being a sexual predator in the last decade.

Cosby was accused of drugging and raping dozens of women across the span of his lengthy career in tv.

He was convicted of his crimes in 2018 for a prison time of 3 to 10 years which ended his career in tv.


R . Kelly was at the helm of his R$B music career when his troubles began in May 2018 after two women accused him of sexual abuse.

For over two decades now, it has been in the news that RKelly has been sued for reported sexual contact with a minor and making a sex tape with one.

A lot of women came up accusing Kelly of abuse. RKelly’s misconduct led to his shows being canceled.

His team, from the assistant representative sand lawyers, stopped working with him.SonyMusic also canceled their contract with him.

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey was the most powerful and respected man in the movie industry.

He produced amazing tv shows that won many Oscars like pulp fiction Shakespeare in love.

In 2017 Weinstein’s career went downhill when a report was made on his predatory action towards women was released and made many of his victims come forward, and a campaign #Me Too was launched.

Weinstein was arrested and convicted of sexually assaulting two women landing him 23 yrs in prison.

Benjamin Mendy

A manchester city footballer who has been accused of a series of sex offenses against young women has been freed on bail.

The 27-year old French international has been in custody for more than four months since his first arrest on 28th august 2021.

His arrest has Crippled his football career as he has been suspended from playing and training.


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Mason Greenwood

The latest celebrity in a sexual assault scandal. Greenwood, who plays for Manchester United, has ruined his football career of suspicion of sexual assault and threats to kill.

His arrest came after a woman alleging incidents of violence posted the pictures and videos on social media.

The 20-year-old Mason has been suspended from playing or training with the club, and he was at the helm of his career.

Greenwood has already lost his friends who unfollowed on Instagram due to his alleged behavior.