Top 5 negative effects of drinking energy drinks

Beautiful ads on our screens and social media have our favorite sportsmen advertising energy drinks which can delude you to think it is the most incredible invention made, especially on soft drinks.

They claim that its a drink that can power you through the day, increase your concentration level, and give you the strength to do everything. All these claims have been made, and people are supporting them.
Here are 5 negative effects of drinking energy drinks

Too sugary

If you are trying to avoid sugar, then an energy drink is the last drink you should consume. A can of Red bull contains 27 grams of sugar. If you have to take it, just take one. If you have to gain calories in a day, they should come from all the foods you eat and not one drink.

They cause tooth decay

Energy drinks are usually very acidic and thus can easily discolor your teeth and wear out your enamel due to continuous use. The sugar in the drinks will make you prone to dental issues like cavities and tooth decay.

Excess caffeine

Taking more than 400mg of caffeine in a day is bad for your health. one can of energy drink equals three cups of coffee downed quickly. Energy drinks also have other stimulant ingredients like caffeine, including Citrimax, yohimbine, etc.

They can deprive you of sleep

your main intention of drinking an energy drink is to have massing energy and strength. Energy drinks stimulate your neurons, thus keeping you alert. To enjoy your sleep at night, take an energy drink in the afternoon or early evening.


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They cause weight gain

when it comes to calories in one can of energy drink, its a lot; this is attributed to the sugar content in the drink, which leads to weight gain due to continuous drinking. The calories in a Red Bull energy drink are over 150 in just one can. Rapid weight gain can be associated with type II diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases.