Top 6 action filled shows you should watch this weekend

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan is an American tv series that’s based on the character Jack Ryan. Ryan is portrayed as an up-and-coming C.I.A. analyst.

The role gets him assigned to a dangerous field assignment for the first time and uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication.

That ushers him into the middle of a dangerous gambit where there is a new breed of terrorism that will destroy the world. Jack Ryan is an excellent protagonist who portrays his role well. Get yourself enough popcorn.


Homeland (Showtime, 2011) is an American political drama-thriller series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.It is based on the Israeli series Hatufim, which Gideon Raff created.

A CIA agent (Claire Danes) unravels information that al-Qaeda has recruited a P.O.W. with plans on carrying out a terrorist on American soil. The tv show has suspense, conspiracy, and betrayal, a box of tissues would help.


The F.B.I. finds a woman tattooed in Times Square with no memory of her identity. They assign her the name, Jane Doe. As Jane tries to uncover her past, her weird tattoos are found to contain clues alluding to a criminal conspiracy.

The tattoos on Jane Doe are quite the art. When you think the FBI has finished analyzing them but under a blue light new tattoos are revealed.


The tv series follows the story of special agents Maggie Bell and Zidan from the New York branch of the F.B.I.

The duo works together to stop terrorist attacks in the city and the whole country. The tv show is amazing with a talented cast, emotional scenes, and a lot of wins for the New York FBI department


The story centers on Doron working on a vineyard after retiring from the Israel Defense Forces.

When he learns that a dangerous enemy he thought his unit killed is alive and wants to attend his brother’s wedding.

And he is still a threat. When Doron rejoins the I.D.F., he intends to go undercover at the wedding, but their cover is blown, and the wedding becomes chaotic. The show has enough suspense, tear-jerking moments, and talented actors who portray the roles amazingly.


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The Blacklist

A most wanted fugitive by the F.B.I. Raymond Reddington mysteriously surrenders himself to the F.B.I.

He offers them a deal to help them capture deadly criminals. The only condition for his cooperation is only if he gets to work with the new profiler, Elizabeth keen. The show has an amazing cast like James spader as the main lead, it’s hilarious and action-packed. It has 9 seasons.


These shows are action-filled, have an excellent cast, and have great storylines. I have watched all the shows but Blacklist is the best always waiting for the next episode.