Top 6 sexual kinks you have to experience

 There are many things that can turn on a person; a sexual kink is one of them. A sexual kink is a term that includes a variety of sexual interests, behaviors, preferences, and fantasies that are thought to be outside our main sexual spectrum.

For you to fulfill your sexual kink, you have to communicate with your partner to be on the same page.

It will also require a great deal of patience to actualize your kink. Society might frown upon your kinks, but that shouldn’t matter to you at all. Strive to fulfill your kinks to gain all the pleasure.

Here is a list of 7 sexual kinks you have to experience at least once.

Role Play

Role-playing is the most common kink and involves a person playing characters outside their day-to-day lives in basically a sex scene.

Usually to create a perfect sex scene. You can put on a nurse uniform and a cap and pretend to be a nurse and doctor kind of scene.

Dominant and submissive

A dominant is someone who likes dominating their partner through kinky activities. The kinks include choking, which is all physical and mental through name-calling.

The submissive partner always enjoys being dominated and being told what to do, which they do without any resistance. One can be consensually tied up, slapped, and even humiliated.


 Objectification is a kind of kink that involves arousal through being dehumanized. Here someone decides to be used as a sex object.

Being objectified is the only way they can be fulfilled sexually.

Edge Play

“Edge play is a sexual kink that is considered very dangerous. It involves blood or breaking your skin, and it can be through whips or even a knife and a needle.

Edge play is typical of any sexual kink that involves very intense physical pain.


  Exhibitionism is a sexual kink where a person feels sexual arousal at the idea that someone sees them naked or even engages in a sexual act with other people.

If you’re into the thought of someone watching you masturbate or change or get it on, this one’s for you.


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Age play

It is a sexual kink where two consenting adults put themselves in a position where they take up roles and ages that aren’t their own.

It’s usually a submissive enjoying a dominant partner who takes care of them and who they call ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’.

Here an adult can play as a child and a dominant partner can go as far as involving diapers or even a feeding bottle.


Take a chance to fulfill your sexual kinks . You need to have your partner’s consent for it to be pleasurable.