Top 6 superhero movies you can binge -watch this weekend

The weekend is slowly coming up, and you would want something to keep you occupied. Weekends are the only times you find yourself free and a time to relax and do something fun.

If you are a superhero movie enthusiast or want to begin watching superhero movies, I have a list.

Here is a list of superhero movies you can binge-watch this weekend at the comfort of your couch.

Raising Dion

It’s a series with two complete seasons on Netflix.

The story is about a single mother who has to hide her young son’s superpowers to protect him from exploitation at the same time, investigating their origin and her husband’s death.

The series has an excellent producer, cinematography, and a good cast like Michael B Jordan.

The flash

It is the best superhero series to binge-watch this weekend as it has seven complete seasons.

The series has a fantastic cast, adventure drama, and the best SciFi produced on-screen.

The story is about a young man Barry Allen, a forensic investigator in Central City, who gains the power of superhuman speed from a freak accident.

He decides to use the power to fight crime as the flash. He has a great customized flash suit.


A superhero movie with the superhero as a woman, and she is supermans cousin.

With superman mentioned, the series has to be lit. The series has an excellent storyline, a great cast, and excellent producers.

It’s about a woman Kara Danvers, superman’s biological cousin, who is forced to unveil hidden powers and protect the inhabitants when an expected disaster strikes a national city.

It has perfect villains storyline that makes the Tv show enjoyable.

Spiderman no way home

It is a 2021 American superhero film based on Marvel comic character spiderman.

In this film, the identity of spiderman is already revealed, and the friendly neighborhood web-slinger is unmasked.

This makes him to find it hard to separate his life as peter parker from the high stakes of being a superhero.

When Peter asks for help from doctor strange, the stakes become even more dangerous. This forces him to discover what it really means to become spiderman.


It is a 2018 American superhero film based on marvel comics comes the character of the same name.

Though released over three years ago, the movie is a good watch.

Apart from being produced by marvel, the best comic movies producer, it has a good cast of Michael B Jordan, the late Chadwick Boseman, and Lupita Nyon’go.

The movie is about Tchilla after his father’s death returns home to inherit his throne. However, a powerful enemy related to his family threatens to attack his nation.


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Captain America

Here we have three Captain America movies.

First Avenger was released in 2011

The winter soldier was released in 2014

Civil war was released in 2016

These movies are packed with adventure and action: an excellent cast and a continuous storyline.


The above movies and tv shows are the best. They will keep you glued to your screens as they action-filled and amazing pictures. Enjoy your weekend.