Top 6 Tyler Perry shows to keep you locked on your screens tonight

Tyler Perry is an actor, writer, and executive producer of his shows. The shows are filled with drama, a bit of romance, scandals, a fantastic cast, and intriguing real-life issues.

The movie mogul boasts of many movies and tv shows to his name and is the proudest first black man to own his studios for producing films and tv shows.

Here is a list of fantastic tv shows produced by Tyler Perry productions.

The Haves and Have Nots

Tyler Perry’s show can be a soap opera or a crime drama. It also has the best of both worlds in its exciting bit, suspense, and drama.

The show’s story is inspired by a play perry participated in with the same title in 2011.

The story focuses on two families, the upper-class families (The Haves) and the lower-class family Young (The Have Nots), based in Savannah, Georgia.

Though rich, elegant, and powerful, the families are masked with secrets, deceit, and problems.

They also live double lives, which eventually threaten their livelihood; hence have to do what it takes to have control.

The show has a well talented and powerful cast that will keep you glued to your screens.

If Loving You is Wrong

This is the second soap opera Tyler Perry has produced. Like all other Tyler Perry works, the soap opera is based on the single mums club story.

The story is coupled with deceit, steamy loving relationships, and full-on drama. The story is about five couples who reside in one street; one is having an affair, one has a drama, and one has the perfect relationship.

The show addresses the issues of racism too. It has an awesome cast and the best cinematography, and it ran from 2014 to 2020 with five great seasons.


This is a Tyler perry show that has people been liked by almost 87% of viewers. It’s written and produced by Tyler Perry himself.

The show “Sistas” is about a group of single black women in a modern society juggling between their careers, friendships, love, and social media.

The show is filled with drama and also comedy. The show has an impressive and well-talented cast, each good at their role, all be glued to your screens. The series is already in its 4th season.

The Oval

“The Oval” is Tyler perry’s tv show that focuses on politics. It’s a story about U.S President Hunter Franklin and first lady Victoria Franklin an interracial couple and power-hungry.

They present a perfect facade of a good couple and people to the world while being scandalous in private.

Their daughter Gayle and son Jason also bring out their own brands of volatility and excess to the Executive Residence.

Though a political drama, it’s still a soap opera genre. The whole white house staff is also embedded in the family drama of the white house family.

The oval is an excellent show with powerful actors portraying modern-day politics while encompassing sex scandals, betrayal, and deceit. The oval is in its third season, so you have a lot of drama to catch up on.


Four longtime friends navigate life and relationships, relying on the strength of their brother-like bond.

The four friends are John, who owns a sandwich shop (A’s & J’s) and struggles to make ends meet after an incident got him kicked out of college.

He relies on his friends and lives with his mother, who isn’t happy with him.

Tom is a successful doctor but has a past that haunts him, which might ruin his career. Mike is a lawyer but a womanizer making it hard for him to settle down.

While Bill is an architect who lost his girlfriend Regina to his college friend due to his infidelity and is trying to win her back.

The four brother groups come together to escape their lives. The brothers are very handsome; and will keep the ladies glued to the screens; they portray their roles beautifully.

The stories are real-life issues and its two seasons prepare enough popcorn.



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It is a spinoff of ‘The Oval. ‘Here, Ruth Truesdale becomes entangled in a scandalous cult of powerful sex-crazed fanatics. And with whom she must play along until she can find a way to free herself and her young daughter.
The series has a beautiful cast and, hands down and the costume designer. It has three seasons up, so there is enough drama for you.


Get enough popcorn and a handkerchief; you are going on a journey with amazing well-acted, and sobbing moments.