Top 7 cutlery positions and meanings hotel hosts have to look out for

The position of cutlery is one major rule of table etiquette. Do you know that how you position your cutlery from your fork and knife has a meaning?

Hotel managers should always look out for how their customers position their cutlery. This is from when they make the first order to the end of the meal.

Here are 7 top cutlery positions and their meanings.

1. “I am ready to eat”

When you keep your cutlery this way, it means that you are about to start the meal.

2. “I am not finished”

This means that you are talking to someone and have paused eating.

3. “I am ready for my next meal”

When you keep your cutlery in this arrangement then it means you are ready to eat the next dish.

​4. “I did not enjoy the meal”

When you do not like the taste of the food, you keep the cutlery by crossing this way.

5. “The meal was excellent”


This way indicates that you liked the food and appreciate it.

6. ​“I did not like the service”

Inserting the knife into fork tines indicates you did not enjoy the service.

7. “I am finished”

Keeping the cutlery parallel to each other means you are done.


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Simple cutlery arrangements can be used to give reviews. You will know when a customer is satisfied with your service or if the food was amazing or bad.