Top 7 medical TV shows you can watch today

Medical dramas are always intelligent, heart-wrenching, and action-packed. They make one admire being in the medical field to help patients while telling their personal stories. They are not only medical dramas they are filled with drama, from work wrangles and relationships.

Here is a list of medical dramas you can binge-watch today.

1. Grey’s Anatomy

It’s the only medical drama that has been on our screens for the longest time. It’s still among one the premier medical dramas on TV. It has 18 great seasons and has been renewed for the 19th season.

The story begins at the Seattle Grace hospital when the protagonist Meredith Grey with other interns embark on their residency at the hospital. It has a fantastic cast, a great storyline, and very many loyal fans. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, it is the show that sprung her into greatness.

2. Chicago Med

The doctors and nurses who work at the emergency ward of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center have one goal to save their patients’ lives against all odds.

While dealing with their personal and work-related issues. It’s not only about medicine; the doctor’s interpersonal relationships are put into play. Chicago med has 7 seasons out, make enough popcorn and a box of tissues.

3.The Resident 

A group of young practicing doctors faces the realities of modern-day medicine and issues. They navigate through the hospital halls with the help of a senior resident Conrad.

The show is filled with drama and complicated personal and work relationships among the cast while navigating through their work life. It has 5 seasons already out.

4. The Good Doctor 

Shaun is a young doctor with autism who joins San Jose hospital in California. Shaun’s colleagues do not socialize with him, but he has a favorite, Doctor Glassman, who helps Shaun navigate through the hospital.

Shaun uses his skills to treat patients and prove his medical abilities to his co-workers. Shaun portrays his character well he also still manages to fall in love. The series has five seasons you are guaranteed a great medical story on screen. The series has five complete seasons.

5.New Amsterdam

Dr max Godwin became a medical director of the United States’ oldest public hospital. Max is set to reform the institution by buying new hospital gadgets and hiring more staff to help patients.

He becomes a patient there, too, when he has cancer. The show has an amazing storyline and wonderful actors with great stories to keep you glued to your screens.

6.Good Sam

A gifted heart surgeon excels in her new leadership role as Chief of Surgery after her renowned boss falls into a coma.

When her former boss wakes up months later demanding to resume, it’s filled with dramatic work relationships and talented actors. The series is on its first season and it’s a good show.


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7. Transplant

 Dr. Bashir Hamed is a Syrian doctor who fled from his country because of war. Armed with battle medical skills in emergency medicine, he becomes a refugee in Canada with his young sister.

To be a doctor in Canada becomes hard for Bashir as he has to redo his training. Bashir later lands a residency in the biggest Emergency Department of the best hospital in Toronto.

It is the most challenging time for Bashir at the hospital because he has different training and life and is more diverse than his colleagues. The show has two complete seasons.