Top 8 bad habits you should quit today

Habits are elements that we have decided run our lives. They are routines and behaviors that we do automatically performing or behaviors we have good habits like brushing our teeth and taking a shower .

Just like good habits, we tend to perform our bad habits daily like it’s our ritual. But our bad habits have serious consequences and may result in stress and anxiety.

Here are the top 8 bad habits we should quit immediately.

1. Being with People Who Don’t Appreciate You

Avoid trying to make people love you. This by doing for them things that please them.No matter what you do be 100% sure their feelings towards you would not change. They will never be there for you as much as you are there for them. Start spending time with people who genuinely love and appreciate you.

2. Drugs and alcohol

This ranges from smoking, using injectable drugs like heroin, and sniffing drugs like cocaine. Cigarette smoking automatically reduces a person’s life span but also passive smoking can affect those close to you. Alcohol drinking increases the chances of heart and liver diseases and even cancer. Any other drug substance interferes with normal brain functions.

You can avoid drinking alcohol by cutting down on the amount you consume or quitting altogether.

3. Eating Junk Food

When anytime you feel hungry you think of ordering takeout from the famous fast food places like KFC for your fries, burgers and fried chicken or pizza joints then it is a bad habit you should get rid of. Though you can not truly rid yourself of eating junk food you should eat it in moderation and even incorporate exercise. Practice clean eating like eating vegetables and fruits and replacing the diet soda with blended smoothies and water.

4.Being in bad relationships

You get yourself stuck in a relationship you know is not good for you is a bad habit. Check out the people you choose to socialize with. It will save you from dating jerks whose only intention will be to ruin your life

5. Watching Too Much TV and spending a lot of time on the internet

Spending a lot of time on your tv following up on your favorite show is a bad habit. and also taking up a lot of time on your phone and gadget. You can reduce the time you use your device by doing other activities like exercise and even meditation.

6. Being Late

Be on time for all your meet-ups and activities. When you are meeting someone arrive 15 minutes earlier. This shields you from constant apologies and avoids creating a bad impression.

7.Nail biting

It’s not just a bad habit but a harmful habit at best. It may lead to dental problems, stomach issues, and deformed fingers. Mostly you bite your nails when you are stressed or anxious. You have to identify what triggers your nail-biting habit and look for an alternative for that.

8. Leaving Things to the Last Minute and procrastination

Always learn to plan ahead and avoid those last-minute deadlines. When you do things last minute it’s mentally draining and leaves you tense and anxious.

Procrastinating your duties is also not a good way of leaving. It might be too late when you finally finish the duty.


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To avoid stress and anxiety tr quitting these bad habits. Some habits like using drugs and alcohol are harmful to our bodies. Smoking leads to lung cancer ad reduces our lifespan.