Top 8 Kenyan podcasts you should listen to in 2022

Podcasts are the best thing that ever happened, especially when it comes to storytelling and igniting bold conversations.

They grant you the freedom to talk about anything as they do not have limitations regarding their themes.

When it comes to accessing podcasts, you can access them anywhere and anytime you want.

Here are a few podcasts in Kenya that you can listen to that are educative, help you change your perspective in life, and how you see life.


It is a podcast you would want to listen to.

Hosted by Brenda Wambui, she discusses current Kenyan affairs that mainstream media don’t cover, both new and traditional.

The podcast can be listened to anywhere, making it top of the list.

2.Legally clueless

It is a weekly podcast by media personality Adelle Onyango.

Here Adelle documents her raw human journey and evolving unapologetically as an African woman.

The podcast lets people know that it is okay not to have everything in your life figured out. Legally clueless is also available everywhere.

3.Surviving Nairobi

This is a podcast I like listening to; it’s funny, exciting, and groundbreaking.

The podcast is about two Nairobian youths with guests talking about navigating life in the city and any other topic.

The podcast is avoidable on Spotify and apple podcasts.

4.Motherhood podcast

The podcast talks about maternal health, infant care, nutrition, vaccination, and fertility.

The podcast aims to share, inform, and empower its listeners with the information they need, especially parents when raising a baby, to enjoy the parenthood journey.

5.The benchwarmer podcast

it is a podcast dedicated to an avid sports fan.

The major podcast in Kenya that talks comprehensively and hilariously about sports. You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud.

6.The double life

A podcast hosted by Maria Mwangi.

It is an exciting podcast that talks about our real-life depression, fear, anxiety, trauma, and addictions.

She majorly talks about how the problems cause us to live a double life.

7.Kenyan stories

It’s a podcast hosted by Daniel Duwa.

It talks mainly about exciting Kenyan stories from the history and the present all over Kenya and the world.

The podcast covers people from all walks of life.

Here you get to listen to people you know, you should know, and people you will know like never before.

8.The spread.

A podcast branded Africa’s biggest sex-positive podcast.
Karen Lucas hosts it. The podcast is available for streaming everywhere.


Podcasts cover a whole lot of important life issues. Research on them and identify which one you want to listen to.

It can be business, sports, education, and social issues. Podcasts are a form of entertainment where there is no limitation in what is aired.