Top 8 signs to show your relationship is ending

For a relationship to come to an end there are many contributing factors from stressful situations like losing jobs, family issues, and general hard situations.

These features should not end loving relationships you and your partner have to put in the work.

It’s only when it’s physical and mental abuse that one can opt to get out of the relationship. As those are the issues that are difficult to be worked out.

Here are the top 8 signs that show your relationship is ending.

Lack of trust

Trust is the primary element of a relationship. Once trust is lost, a relationship cannot survive. Incidences that show mistrust in a relationship include:

Checking your partner’s phone.

Always suspecting them of cheating on you.

Outrightly telling them, you do not trust them. 

You cannot singlehandedly rebuild broken trust, you cannot be in a relationship with someone you cannot trust.

When they’re not the first person you tell when significant something has happened

When you get major news, and your partner is not the first person you tell. That means your relationship is in its falling stage.

The information may be about new job placement and loss of employment. Your partner is your main confidant; choosing to tell another person means your relationship is in a bad place.

You’re no longer doing “your” activities together.

 As a couple, you probably have your tradition, whether it’s eating out once a week, watching a movie, or just a day to stay in alone. If you and your partner suddenly cut off those traditions, it means your relationship is ending.

Constant fights

When you are constantly fighting with your partner is an indicator your relationship is suffering.

There are disagreements in a relationship but they shouldn’t stretch out for too long. Constant fights are not healthy and are going to end a relationship.

You’re not talking about the future anymore.

  A relationship is the safest place where you get to discuss your future plans, from having kids or not, getting a pet, or moving. Once you stop talking about a future with your partner, your relationship is ending.

You feel alone even when you’re together

When the feeling of loneliness creeps on you when you are with your partner, your relationship is ending. It just shows you are physically together but emotionally disconnected. 

Changes in your intimacy and sex life 

In a relationship, sex is not just a physical act; it comes with intimacy, makes partners vulnerable, and allows them to connect emotionally.

Once the intimacy in the bedroom is done, you dread and avoid sex with your partner then your relationship is on its last streaks.

when you have an ominous feeling 

Most of the time, your gut tells you that there is something wrong. And it can also tell you when there is something wrong with your relationship.

“Your body can register that something is off long before your brain acknowledges it,” Milrad says.

You can always sense something is wrong from your partner’s mood or body language. Never ignore your gut feeling to avoid things blowing up in your face. It may be something you can solve if not, you will have tried to fight for your relationship.


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You have to fight for your relationship . Work on the issues as a failure will have you losing your relationship forever.