Top natural facial scrubs you can easily make at home

Are you tired of the breakouts, black spots, and blackheads a bother? Do you have oily or dry skin?

More women than men are concerned about their faces in that most try out different products to keep their faces glowing and flawless.

However, most of them do not get the right product for their skin types.

A low-quality face product, scrub, can cause you more harm than good.

Getting the right one may be tricky, as what works for me might work for you.

Before getting an exfoliating scrub, ensure you know your skin type.

These scrubs range from oily, dry, sensitive, and normal skin. Once you have identified your skin problem, you are sure to get your desired product.

You will find lots of natural face scrubs, but the best should be enzyme-based.

Enzymes ensure the cells on your skin grow in the right conditions and are healthy.

Here are the top natural facial scrubs:


Who knew that tea ingredient in your kitchen could give your face a glow? Sugar is a perfect exfoliating product for any skin.

It is a powerful product with moisture-retaining and anti-aging properties.

Using it once or twice a week will guarantee you are glowing, smooth, and more refined skin.

You can incorporate it with honey or milk for the best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the vital ingredients in your home. Not only does it serve in the kitchen, but it also has lots of benefits for your skin.

Most traditional women have used this magical product for exfoliating their skin as well as for medicinal purposes.
It has excellent rejuvenating properties that leave your face supple and healthy.

Scrubbing your face with apple cider vinegar will guarantee you smooth, radiant skin with reduced aging.

By dissolving the excess fatty deposits on your face, peeling skin will be a thing of the past for you.

A healthy, smooth, and relaxed skin is what you get. This powerful remedy can also help remove blackheads.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has lots of benefits. From cleaning and removing stains in your kitchen, it also acts as a scrub for supple skin.

Its antiseptic properties kill bacteria and keep your skin healthy.

If you are dealing with notorious blackheads, you can combine sugar, water, and lemon juice (half spoonful each) for your face scrub.

It will clear them while leaving your skin soft and subtle. It is an excellent facial scrub but needs lots of moisturizing.


Turmeric is a universal beauty product. It does not just add flavor to your food but does wonders on your skin.

It has loads of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that brighten dark spots, treat wrinkles and clear acne.

To create this magical scrub, add half a teaspoon of generic turmeric and a teaspoon of honey.

Layer it on your face and wash it after 15 minutes. Some may experience turmeric staining. If that happens, add milk or yogurt to your scrub.

With turmeric, you get an assurance of a calmer, brighter, softer, and smoother face.


Yogurt is a wonder product. Its packed with skin exfoliating and healing properties. It helps remove dead skin, softens as well as clear acne and blackheads.

Applying yogurt on your face and rest for 5 minutes, four days a week will guarantee you great results.


At opening your pores and getting rid of those stubborn blackheads, the exfoliating and healing properties in honey do the trick.

It ensures moisturized skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

It is vital in acne treatment, removing excess oils on your skin and balances its bacteria. It also repairs and heals damaged skin.

Using honey as a facemask, wash your face with warm water before applying half a spoonful of honey and wash twice a week for effective results.


Oats are one of the best for those with sensitive skin.

They are famous for their soothing and healing properties. They are recommended for healing sunburns and removing inflammation from wounds.

If you have buildups and breakouts, you may consider an oats paste scrub.


Natural scrubs are effective and readily available.

Getting a product that fits your skin type is ideal as you will improve your glow and achieve flawless skin.

However, avoid scrubs that contain grain as they will scratch your skin. Choose what fits you and enjoy as you glow!