Traveling On A Budget This Christmas; Here Are 6 Tips To Guide You

The festive season is around the corner, and people are looking for ways to entertain themselves as to its an extended holiday, and many people always choose traveling. When it comes to traveling people, always have a notion that you have to have a lot of money to travel. You don’t have to have a lot of money to travel around if you are a travel enthusiast or want to explore, but on a budget, all you have to plan is where you are going to stay, means of transport, and food. Try to stick to your budget; don’t go all out splashing your savings on impulse buys such that when your trip comes to an end, you are too broke and stressed. After traveling, you should take a moment to reminisce about your wonderful experiences and not worry about cash. Here are a few tips to help you plan your traveling budget

Affordable accommodation

With this social media craze, one wants to pass across the image that they are successful. They choose to book well-known and expensive hotels to stay in. It is a dangerous practice when traveling on a budget. Find yourself nice hotels with affordable prices. You don’t need to compete with trying to fit in with this pressure, be you and do what will not dent your wallet.

Make hotel bookings early.

When it comes to making hotel reservations of where you will stay, try early booking; it is known that most hotels offer discounts to clients who book early compared to last-minute clients. Clients who book on arrival pay the set amount as it is known that you need the service.

Travel during low seasons

When you plan to travel during the festive season, expect to spend a lot of money; this is the season many people are traveling; bus tickets, plane tickets, and hotel reservations will be so expensive. Like when you are traveling to the coast during Christmas, many people pack up to go there, and that’s the time hotels start making a killing. With exorbitant prices and the places are crowded, so you won’t have a lot of fun when the beaches are too crowded. When you want to go to Mombasa choose those seasons people are not traveling you can choose to travel in January or the beginning of December this time there are few people on holiday.

Use public means of transport.

The temptation to use your car or rent a car when going on a trip is high as you convince yourself that you want to enjoy the ride. That’s too expensive, considering that you will have to fuel your vehicle and incur expenses when your car breaks down. If it’s a rental, you have to pay for it. With public transport, you have to pay fares that in Kenya cannot go beyond 3000 Kenya shillings. The whole responsibility falls on the bus company. You only take up your seat and enjoy the ride.

Carry your food and water

When you know you are traveling on a budget, you can carry your snacks and water. This is more applicable, especially for road trips or just short rides. When traveling from Nairobi to Nakuru or Nanyuki, you don’t have to eat your lunch at hotels; reveler hotels are too expensive. You can eat your packed lunches and drinks, and you enjoy your trip with no stress.

Travel in groups

Its common knowledge that traveling as a group saves you more, unlike when you travel as an individual. You can link up with your friends like when you want to travel to Mombasa. You can go a notch higher, join travel groups on social media like Facebook, make friends and organize your travels. The experience will be enjoyable; it will be like a road trip which means you get to cost-share and thus won’t use all your savings. When ordering foods in restaurants, do it as a group; you may even get discounts. If it’s like touring vans, you split the costs, and you will be able to have extraordinary experiences.

The festive season is coming up; make those travel plans as early as now. Take a rest this is the only long holiday you are going to enjoy. Happy holidays.