Want to achieve Japandi interior design in your living room? Try these tips

Designing a house is a thing that has been embraced, and people have creative ideas.

The number of interior designers is rising, and schools offering interior design classes have already been established. Interior designers are raking in a lot of money when contacted to design houses.

The living room is the mirror to your house, a beautiful and well-arranged living room leaves you satisfied, happy, and comfortable. Japandi is a form of interior design that has been in existence for a while.

Japandi style is the infusion or blending of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It puts emphasis on natural and high-quality materials.

Here are eleven tips on how to achieve japandi interior design.

Following minimalist design principles

To achieve the style, you have to be a minimalist; only choose a functional and important piece.

Declutter spaces

Remove things that are not necessary or make the room crowded. It may be a couch or even a tv set.

Use of wood

With japandi style, insist on the use of wood in your space from the couch, table .etc

Use natural fabrics

For your curtains, seat fabric covers, and throw pillows, ensure they are cotton and wool. Japandi style is all about being natural.

Elegant plants

You have to incorporate elegant plants in your spaces but the right amount not to make the room crowded. You can for a plant of your choice like oxalis and the bunny ear cactus.

Statement pieces

Here you can go for at most two important pieces. You can purchase a great painting or an antique wall clock.

Use eco-friendly and local sustainable materials

You can go for a bamboo table; it’s locally sourced and a natural material. Japandi style is all about nature.

Neutral colors

You have to go for neutral colors to achieve japandi style. For the neutral colors, choose black, brown, grey, and white colors.

Balance lighting

Bright illuminations can affect your eyesight, and too dark places cause stress as you try to see.

High-quality furniture

When it comes to japandi style, scout for high-quality furniture from reputable furniture houses. From your seats, table, and even tv cabinets.


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Be modest

When choosing or settling up your house, you have to leave room for making adjustments, especially when time changes and new styles come up.


Your home is a space that lets you be you, design it to suit you specifically.

Take up that plant, buy that painting and furniture.