Want to become a programmer? Try these 5 online websites


When you want to start online learning, this is one of the best places to visit.

You will find online courses concerning what’s new in technology and programming fields like java, data structure, algorithms, Selenium, REST, etc.

It provides both free and paid resources.

The paid resources are also affordable.

All you have to do is purchase with $9.99, especially during their ongoing flash sale, which happens regularly.

Udemy has a full list of some great teachers like Rob Pervical, Josh Portilla, John Purcell, etc.


A perfect website to learn great stuff online.

Its’ founders are professors from Stanford Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Coursera offers courses, specific specializations, and valid online degrees.

Coursera is the best as it offers online courses from renowned Universities like Stanford, University of London, University of Michigan, Colorado and Imperial.


A website to well known for any technology, skills like Web Development, Mobile Development and Programming language like javascript.

A Web development framework like Angular, React, Spring Framework Hibernate, etc.


Its founder is Quincy Larson, and it’s a fantastic place to begin your coding journey.

They also have a huge Facebook group freecodecampearth here; you can ask any questions and share your overall learning experience.

Their medium publication free code camp is the most prominent Medium publication for Programming articles.


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5.Learning the web — Mozilla developer network

Mozilla is for the serious learners, and a programmer has to love to do their stuff.

Mostly read theory and experiment with the examples but with their inspired setup.

CodeAcademy and CodeSchool are more interactive .But Mozilla, lets you find detailed information about the courses.

Mozilla is also a known official source for any JavaScript information.