Was the verge of Ruto, Mudavadi and Wetangula entering a 2022 deal foreseen long before?

I said before that Mudavadi doesn’t need enemies if he’s friends like Malala and Savula. I want to believe that this headline is part of the persistent propaganda to kill OKA to justify and sustain the two-horse race song.

It’s very damaging to Mudavadi’s ambitions to govern Kenya one day. Succumbing to Ruto’s charm offensive.

Is diminishing his reputation as one of the OKA leading lights who pose a threat to the two horses.

Mudavadi’s clean politics

This is borne out of courtesy of his clean politics, experience and safe pair of hands. Interestingly, Mudavadi himself doesn’t see it that way.

In politics, failure to make quick response to negative campaigns lends credence to such headlines.

Mudavadi knows Kenyans are socialized to love aggressive and populist politicians as opposed to clean politics he’s accustomed to.

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Vindicating criminals

He’s losing it and will never bounce back. He’s vindicating pundits like Herman Manyora and should forget the presidency if the headline is, indeed, true.

It’s a joke. Why was he declining offers for ministerial positions to remain in political cold all these years?

The two-horse propaganda war is succeeding because the unprincipled and impatient soldiers in OKA (like Savula) will fall along the way to seek for tickets that guarantee them re-election.

Uhurus perceived kind words

Yes, Mudavadi reacted to Uhuru’s perceived kind words towards Raila in comparison with Ruto’s speed in the succession race.

Mudavadi’s reaction was emotional but not good enough reason to succumb to intimidation to play second fiddle to Ruto.

What’s he looking for in Ruto’s coalition that he’s not been in government?

Political status and reputation

It’s a demotion of his political status and reputation. Given the two horse options, it would be more befitting for Mudavadi to work under Raila (the devil we know) again.

Than under the sadistic character in Ruto. In fact, voters in the former NASA strongholds should rally behind Raila (not Azimio La Umoja Movement- ALUM).

To protest against Mudavadi’s naive decision to enter a deal with DP Ruto.

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