Western Region of Kenya leadership

Mr Oparanya told the Daily Nation that their concern is to rally the western region of Kenya; as part of the government to benefit from various development projects.

“No region can ever develop while in the opposition,” Mr Oparanya said (Daily Nation, Wednesday July 01, 2020).

It is unfortunate and retrogressive for such statements to come from a second term Governor. It goes against the letter and spirit of devolution;

Resource distribution in Western Region of Kenya

Which ensures resource distribution to all parts of Kenya; including the Western Region of Kenya, regardless of political orientations. In fact, this statement negates what the President is doing on inclusivity.

The President is serious, sincere and means well on inclusivity. Which he is demonstrating by entering cooperation agreements with rival political party leaders. With unity of the country in his mind.

The Governor’s statement is meant to apportion credit to himself; for the promises on the revival of institutions and projects in the sugar belt.

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Division in the Western Region of Kenya

It is divisive in the Western Region of Kenya in as far as he projects himself; as being in conformity with the system; while other leaders are in the opposition.

His party leader is categorical that he remains the leader of the opposition. Regardless of the handshake, in any case, the Constitution does not provide for opposition in government.

Why? Because Government consists of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary arms. The winning party provides the President; who leads the Executive arm.

Moses Wetangula, one of Western Region of Kenya leadership

Party politics in the Western Region Western of Kenya

The Party that wins a majority of elective seats provides a Leader of Majority, while the others take the Minority role in the respective political chambers.

Opposition has, just, been ingrained in our minds. The handshake did not deter constructive criticism of the government.

The government must be reminded by the Western region of Kenya of its campaign promises; for better delivery of goods and services to the people. That is the essence of rival political parties.

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Creation of institutions in Western Region of Kenya

The Western Region of Kenya says Governments are put in place to create institutions; systems and mechanisms; to deliver goods and services, guided by new or existing VISION of the country.

The government, then, provides the right frameworks; to facilitate implementation of people-centred projects and programmes.

The framework encompasses policies, strategies, approaches, and methods/techniques. Which the people employ to implement their activities.

Western Region of Kenya people on the Kenya vision 2030

The Western Region of Kenya People are, thus, enabled to fend for themselves; by exploiting available resources and services.

The Kenya Vision 2030 is the existing blue print, which was spear-headed by the same Hon. Ambetsa Oparanya; when he was Minister for Planning and Development.

This blue print has guiding pillars for the government on the way forward to achieve a middle income status by 2030.

Western Region of Kenya leadership with President Ruto

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Statement from the leader of the Western Kenya Region

The statement from the Governor Oparanya is a clear show of putting new wine (2010 constitution); into old wine-skins (same politicians). And expect miracles in development.

Kenyan politicians, only, compete for power and control of resources; for their own benefit, not service to the people. Politicians want to be in government all their lifetime .

In the pretense that they serve the people when it is self-interests and freebies; that drive them. The problem is that masses have been enslaved due to lack of enlightenment, on their societal rights and obligations.

Dependency syndrome in the Western Kenya Region

The Western Region of Kenya has been socialized to believe, in perpetual hand-outs. Effectively replacing the quest for self-reliance with that of dependency syndrome.

With annual receipt of devolved funds, endowment of local resources; and anticipated people’s empowerment in their development.

It is demeaning that famine relief distribution, has reached Kakamega County. Our distribution of famine relief was limited to drought stricken parts of the country.

Western Region of Kenya leadership in a meeting with ex President Uhuru Kenyatta

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Begging in the Western Region of Kenya

Yet, begging by able-bodied people; is being institutionalized everywhere in western Kenya. Political gatherings in Kakamega have become arenas for distributing hand-outs.

Iinstead of propagating the gospel of self-reliance. This is the reason, revival of collapsed institutions is still the talk of our Governors; eight years into office as Heads of devolved Units.

Devolution was created as an equalizer, to enable Counties become self-reliant, political rivalry notwithstanding.

Lack of equalization funds

For example, drought-prone Counties, are given equalization funds to trigger exploitation; of available resources for their own development and self-reliance.

My message for elected leaders is that; dispense with egos and focus on policies. Strategies, approaches, and methods, that will enable the masses to put money in their pockets through:

Whereas the President is extending a peaceful hand to anyone; and everyone willing to collaborate in a manner to avoid suspicions in uniting people;

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View on top government officials

Western Region of Kenya believes those at the table with him are doing the opposite; stationing themselves for top positions in the future Government.

The Governor’s statement has the connotation of comparison (US (conformists) ; Versus THEM (oppositionists)), creating competition between leaders and confusing the masses. Call it, ‘pulling others down approach’.

Jostling for top positions in the anticipated expanded executive structure; seems to be our politicians’ interpretation of inclusivity.

Prime Cabinet Secretary in the Government of Kenya Musalia Mudavadi with Nabongo Mumia

Nine point agenda

And shared prosperity in the 9-point agenda of the Building Bridges initiative (BBI). There is no focus on ideology and issue-based politics that work for the people.

  • Eradication of corruption (starting with yourselves);
  • Creation of jobs for both informal and formal employment
  • Reducing input costs into production processes;
  • Easy access to affordable credit;
  • Easy access to financial services;
  • Provision of agricultural and extension services;
  • Establishment of incentive grant schemes; and
  • Easy access to affordable and consistent energy.

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Eradication of poverty

These measures will eradicate poverty from this Canaan of Kenya. It is not sustainable for leaders to socialize the masses into penchant for hand-outs, jus;, to get elected.

Hand-outs are seasonal and distortionary in nature. They propel the givers into leadership positions. Yet, they stifle people’s creativity and;

Efforts to work hard for their livelihoods and personal development. This ends my lamentation on the wanting western region political leadership.

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