6 Reasons Why Your Car Battery Fails

As a car lover, you have to check your car’s battery to avoid failing you when running errands or doing your job. A fully functioning battery equals fun driving. Most of the time, your battery might still be fairly new but will still have you questioning its functionality as it does not retain its power. Here are the reasons that cause your car battery to fail.

Faulty Charging

When the charging system is not working correctly, your battery can drain; even when driving almost all the time, your car battery power plays music and other systems from the alternator. This practice can quickly drain your car faster, mainly because your vehicle has a charging problem.

Excess short Drives

Your battery is meant to drain before you use it. When you choose short drives, this is because the battery puts more power, especially when starting the car, and of course, with short drives, you shut off your alternator before it fully charges it, leading to the battery dying and not being long-lasting.

Old Battery

Once a battery is old, it equates to being weak; thus, not being able to hold for a full charge of an old battery would make starting your car difficult. It would be best if you replaced your battery when it has lasted like four years to avoid it dying on you when driving.

Human Error

This is one as a car owner you are responsible for. Remember those few times you leave your headlights on, forget to close your boot, or forget internal lights on for long hours, which mainly results in your battery draining, and when you want to restart your car, it doesn’t restart.

High Temperatures

When it’s scorching, like over 100 degrees, it can lead your car lead Sulphate crystals to build up.
Hot weather hinders chemicals inside car batteries as they make it hard for the battery to hold a charge and produce enough power.

Corroded Battery Cables

Check your battery cables; for signs of corrosion, buy new ones as with these corroded ones they always fall off the battery while driving for the dirty ones clean them using a cloth and check for loose ones they always make it hard for the engine to start as they hinder the transfer the electrical current correctly.

Ensure to replace the battery after four years of service and change the cables when corroded. And as a car owner, you have to be responsible. Don’t leave headlights and internal car lights on to void draining your car battery.