Who should we blame for corruption in Kenya?

Parliament is the villain. Money can’t be lost through a Government payment system. It’s stolen by servants. Unanswered audit queries are enough evidence to send culprits to jail and recover assets.

Parliament gets evidence of the theft in the Auditor General’s reports but recommends police investigation.

That’s the initiation of cover-up, Which is further corruption. The next Parliament should legislate for audit reports to be enough evidence to put graft suspects on their defense in court.

The 2010 Constitutional dispensation stipulates for the independence of the Auditor General’s Office. Which clearly means non – interference with the operation of this office. Subsequently, intergovernmental cooperation between the office of the DPP, EACC, Kenya Police, and the Judiciary is fundamental to succeeding the fight against corruption in Kenya.

The EACC in particular requires to have prosecutorial powers. Just in case the Kenya Police fails as the designated prosecutor.