Why Bifacial solar panels are the best source of energy in 2022

The need for people to have a natural source of energy is on the rise. Solar panel manufacturers are getting customers as depending on electricity tends to disappoint .Mostly because of power rationing, electricity being expensive, and blackouts.

Solar panels are the new modern source of energy that has been in existence for a while. There are two major types of solar panels bifacial solar panels and mono facial panels.

What are bifacial solar panels

 Bifacial solar panels are made from monocrystalline cells, which their efficiency. They are panels that produce power on both sides of the panel.

This is because they have a reflective back or dual panes of glass holding the solar cells in place.

Bifacial solar panels are not installed on the roofs like mono facial panels for good performance. You have to erect them near reflective surfaces, sandy, or near a swimming pool or water source.

Why you have to opt for bifacial panels

Very efficient. 

Bifacial solar panels produce power from both sides of the panel. Here more energy is generated.

Some manufacturers claim that bifacial solar panels can generate up to 30% more energy than mono-facial solar panels. They are highly efficient, translating into less space per watt, so homeowners can install fewer panels to meet their needs.


Bifacial panels are produced frameless and covered on both sides by tempered glass, which makes them durable.

The tempered glass is weather-resistant, UV resistant, and can withstand high temperatures and strong winds. Their durability makes them solar panels with longer lifespans. 


 Manufacturers for bifacial solar panels have come up with many unique designs, including making them frameless.

The tempered glass and its frameless nature make it more attractive than the mono facial solar panels.

Works Well in Diffuse Light. 

The bifacial panels use both two sides of the panel to produce power. Unlike the mono facial panel, they have an extra surface area, making the bifacial panel perform better in diffuse light.This makes the long-term costs lower than mono facial panels. 

Free from corrosion and rust. 

  Since bifacial panels are frameless, the solar cells are less likely to suffer from potential-induced degradation (PID).

The panels are protected from corrosion and rust, especially when electrical currents stray from their intended path.

Bifacial panels have no metal frame hence don’t require grounding, as there are no metal contacts on the exterior.

Longer warranty period. 

 Manufacturers of bifacial solar panels give extended warranties to their clients. The panels usually come with a warranty of almost 30 years.


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Solar energy is the future,its a clean and reliable source of energy.Buy your solar products from reputable sellers and manufacturers. This protects you from being sold fake products.