Why Brave is the best web browser for you in 2022

The internet is one global village and with that, you are sure that any information you are looking for can easily be found. But safe are we on the internet?

To access information on the internet, you need to have a reliable browser to ensure your safety. Brave is the latest browser on the internet, launched in November 2019.

Here is why you need the Brave web browser in 2022.

Ensures privacy

When using the Brave browser, you are sure that your privacy is upheld. Your browsing history is never collected. Unlike Google, everything you search on the internet is backed up and may even suggest content about what you searched for.

Whatever search or activity you do on the internet will never be shared by any third party. Brave encrypts your data, and you can use your one browner on all your other devices.

Faster browser

Brave, unlike Google Chrome, uses less memory which prevents impact on your battery life. Chrome has many extension which takes up your machine system resources making browsing slower.

Brave manages to provide a faster browsing experience.

Fully Open-source.

Brave is an entirely open-source web browser. Being open means you can easily inspect the source code to verify the claims and access the browser’s security.

This protects you from unknown dangerous malware and attacks on your device.

Prevents restrictions

The internet is a global village, the same as the web. This means you can easily access a resource on the internet as it is in one place.

But sometimes, there might be restrictions mainly because of your location. Brave has an IPFS protocol that lets you override the restriction and lets you access the decentralized web.

Blocks ads

Imagine a browsing experience without notorious recurrent ads. Yes, that’s what the Brave browser is offering.

Without ads, your browsing is faster and more efficient. Some ads introduce malware to your device and even lower your browsing.

Lets you disable trackers

You are probably being tracked by tracking technologies if you are an internet user. Other tracks are essential for the web, but others collect your most important data, like passwords, during your browsing.

It makes you susceptible to online attacks and hacks. Brave enables you to block unnecessary trackers when browsing the web.

Guaranteed rewards

Brave lets you earn yourself a few tokens when you visit a website and even interact with one.

You get to experience this as you will find a wallet integrated with a brave browser that is a store for your tokens. You can contribute the tokens to your favorite website.


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Protects you from monopoly web browsers

Google is a known huge web browser, thus controlling every system. You can switch to the Brave browser and enjoy a smooth browsing experience with brave.

Brave is all about satisfying a customer’s needs, not trying to dictate or undergo loss when the monopoly web browsers are making an upgrade or not accessible on your device.


Brave browser guarantees your privacy, blocks ads, and disables, ensuring you are safe when browsing. Happy browsing.